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AP Photo/Evan Vucci

The Biden White House is racing into the bunker amid their classified document scandal. Joe was caught stashing sensitive materials at multiple locations, including his residence in Wilmington, Delaware. One trove was found in his garage. Some more files marked top secret were found inside the home. These files were taken when Joe was vice president and left the Obama administration. In that position, Joe couldn’t legally possess those documents. The Department of Justice appointed a special counsel to review these breaches. White House Press Secretary Karine Grey Poupon is incapable of handling questions about the crisis, which is now an all-press corps effort. It’s no longer a conservative media topic—it’s a national concern because the Democrats made it so last summer. Biden said he takes the handling of such state secrets seriously.


To complicate matters, you have a slew of Democratic Party operatives who realize that Karine can’t do the job here, suggesting that the White House appoint a designated spokesperson for all things related to this classified document circus. There’s no greater humiliation than a move that loudly says you cannot do your job and no one has confidence in you. Yet, Biden can’t fire her—that would be racist and homophobic. Now, the man tapped to handle the communications strategy is also a serial failure, and every venture he’s been involved with has ended in disaster. The Washington Free Beacon detailed the history of Ian Sam, the “the Forrest Gump of political failure” (via WFB):

Sams, who is best known for modeling the "Grillary Clinton" aprons sold by Hillary Clinton's failed presidential campaign in 2016, has a history of playing a leading role in Democratic political disasters. In his current role as special assistant to the president and senior adviser and spokesman for the White House Counsel's Office, the career operative has been spearheading the administration's bumbling response to the classified documents scandal.

Most recently, for example, Sams told the Associated Press that Biden did not keep a record of visitors to the Delaware home where batches of classified material were discovered. "Like every President in decades of modern history, his personal residence is personal," he said. 

Sams previously served as "senior leader" of the Biden administration's failed response to COVID-19. Despite promising to "shut down the virus," Biden has presided over more than 690,000 American deaths from COVID-19 since taking office. Critics assailed Sams for his lack of credibility on COVID-19, pointing to a September 2020 tweet in which he argued that vaccines developed under former president Donald Trump could be "unsafe." 

Before that, Sams was the national press secretary for Kamala Harris's failed presidential campaign, widely viewed as one of the most incompetently run political endeavors in modern history. Harris was a terrible candidate, obviously, but Sams didn't do her any favors. He was universally mocked for posting one of the dumbest photoshop jobs of all time. He was humiliated after BuzzFeed published his angsty text exchange with editor Ben Smith describing criticism of Harris as "whiteness manifest." Smith's response was devastating: "Do you seriously not have real problems? This text makes me think you are totally, totally unready for an actual presidential campaign."


Following that humiliating defeat, Sams worked as communications director for Tom Perriello, the Democratic candidate for governor of Virginia. Perriello lost the primary to Ralph Northam, whose political career was nearly derailed by a racist photo in his medical school yearbook. The Perriello campaign's inability to locate the scandalous photo during the primary election will be remembered as one of the worst opposition research failures in the history of American politics.


This person should be entrusted with handling Biden’s communications since serial failure and incompetence have been hallmark characteristics of this illegitimate administration, but the adults are back, right? America is back. Nope, not with Joe Biden at the helm, plunging us into an economic recession and leaving state secrets on the coffee table.

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