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When Will the FBI Raid Joe Biden’s Residence?

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Spencer had it first: Joe Biden mishandled classified information. If we’re going by the liberal media’s new standard after the FBI’s raid on Mar-a-Lago, then Joe Biden is a threat to national security who exhibited blatant disregard for classified material. The only way to get to the bottom of these atrocious breaches regarding the safekeeping of documents is to have the FBI raid every Biden residence. Joe Biden’s mental capacity is suspect, so who knows if he left sensitive documents at multiple locations after he vacated the office of the vice presidency. Federal agents must search the homes of the Bidens—it’s only fair to conduct this investigation. 

There are a lot of anonymous sources regarding this story, however. The National Archives has reportedly referred the matter to the Department of Justice. Attorney General Merrick Garland has assigned US Attorneys to conduct a review, with the option of a special counsel being appointed should egregious lapses be revealed. 

A Democratic-run DOJ isn’t going to do anything to a sitting president, so don’t bet the mortgage on this being a damaging scandal, even though the Left’s declarations over Trump’s files found at Mar-a-Lago now make it a flub of equal value. Biden’s attorneys found these files on November 2, before the 2022 midterms, at the Penn Biden Center in Washington, DC. Spencer added that this wasn't a secure facility, unlike Mar-a-Lago, protected by the Secret Service and has staffers with security clearances. Who else had access to this room?

This fiasco has a ‘grandpa left the nuclear codes’ feel, but it also underscores everything that Biden does ends up being an abject disaster. He’s been wrong on foreign policy for 40 years. He calls for unity but then denigrates half the country, calling them ultra-MAGA, which comedian Bill Maher aptly noted sounds like a condom brand. He’s old, slow, and stupid, so maybe it shouldn’t shock us that classified materials when he was vice president were just strewn about the place.

And like Hillary Clinton, Biden doesn’t have the authority to declassify sensitive materials, Trump, as a former president, does. That’s the main difference. The president can declassify whatever he wants, and for all the liberal legal clowns who said there is a process and his position in the office doesn’t matter—where are they now? A litany of excuses, like the number of documents wasn’t as extensive as Trump’s will probably be floated around the news cycle, though it’s irrelevant. Democrats are going to enter another round of linguistic gymnastics trying to explain how Biden, who can’t declassify anything, can mishandle sensitive materials, but Trump, who has said disclosure powers, must be prosecuted for having empty folders, cocktail napkins, and Time magazine covers. 

I’ll offer a deal: Democrats and liberals can make these points only after the FBI ransacks all of Biden’s residences. That’s fair—along with placing this man in handcuffs for being reckless with potential state secrets. I’m just playing by MSNBC’s rules.


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