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Houston Concealed Carry Holder Who Shot Armed Robber Will Face a Grand Jury

AP Photo/Wilson Ring

Local news reports were correct that this gentleman did nothing wrong after shooting and killing a would-be-armed robber in self-defense. The man has been hailed a hero for gunning down a criminal who robbed patrons of a local Houston taco establishment. However, the firearm used was fake—the threat of violence and bodily harm was real, which makes this a justifiable homicide.


The concealed carry holder left the scene before police could arrive, prompting Houston police to share an image of the individual. This person has spoken with and is fully cooperating with law enforcement and officials with the Harris County District Attorney’s office. Yet, a grand jury will decide if the man should face criminal charges (via NY Post):

A Texas grand jury will decide whether to criminally charge a Houston taqueria patron who shot a robber dead last week, police said. 

The Houston Police Department announced Monday the 46-year-old customer has turned himself in and is cooperating with the investigation into the deadly shooting. He has not been named because he was not arrested or charged with any crime. 

The heist took place inside the Ranchito #4 Taqueria around 11:30 p.m. last Thursday, when a suspect, identified as 30-year-old Eric Washington, entered the business, produced what appeared to be a gun and demanded that all patrons hand over their cash and wallets. 

Chilling surveillance video from the eatery shows customers cowering under tables as the masked and gloved perp, dressed in all black, walks around grabbing their possessions.


 Legal questions will come tumbling when you use your firearm, even in justified self-defense situations. It would have been better if this individual remained at the scene and contacted his lawyer if he had one, but, most importantly, he invoked his Fifth Amendment right until legal counsel was present. Never talk to the police without a lawyer—you all know this—but it almost seems commonplace for legal authorities to review firearm-related homicides. This man did nothing wrong, and I hope no overzealous DA tries to use this for political points, but you never know with anti-gun wingnuts in liberal counties.

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