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AP Photo/Alex Brandon

I’ve lost how many ballots Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has lost in what’s becoming a quixotic quest to wield the House speaker’s gavel officially. We’re on the ninth ballot, and the only clear thing is that McCarthy doesn’t have the votes. Twenty members are ‘Never Kevin.’ They’re anti-McCarthy rebels and have gummed up the works for the past two days. At the same time, it’s been observed that while there has been bedlam on the House floor since this House speaker vote is usually smooth sailing for the incoming majority party, there’s been more debate these past 36 or so hours than the entirety of the last session of Congress.


It seems to be earning bipartisan accolades from people you’d least expect, like Shaun King. Yes, the man accused of being a fake black man is saying what’s happening is healthy. Sure, as a progressive, he’s probably enjoying the Republican Party blood sports—but he’s tipping his hat to the rebel alliance among the GOP House caucus, adding that progressive Democrats can learn a thing or two. They “should have done this years ago, to be honest,” he said. 

There is no end in sight: McCarthy and the Democrats’ alternative—Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY)—doesn’t have the votes to become House speaker. The string of candidates from the anti-McCarthy rebels doesn’t have the juice either. The benchmark cannot be lowered so that a plurality decides this race because Jeffries has earned more votes than McCarthy. Negotiations aren’t expected to wrap up anytime soon. This speakership fight is going to leech into tomorrow, possibly the weekend.


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