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Bills' Damar Hamlin Only Had One Question When He Regained Consciousness

AP Photo/Joshua A. Bickel

Some think football has become a little soft, which regarding sacking quarterbacks is a legitimate debate. For defensive players, it seems they must cuddle the quarterback upon contact to avoid a ‘roughing the passer’ penalty. What happened to Bills’ safety Damar Hamlin is different: his heart stopped. The good news today is that Hamlin, who has been in critical condition since Monday night, has regained consciousness. He opened his eyes and squeezed the hands of those around him.


Mr. Hamlin will be okay after a scary medical episode during Monday Night Football. The defensive player also appears that he doesn’t seem brain-dead either, which was a diagnosis the medical Twitter clown brigade tossed around as he was wheeled into the intensive care unit the night he collapsed. Today, Hamlin asked who won the game:


Doctors reportedly told him he won. He won the game of his life—literally. 

This is why it’s stupid for anyone, especially medical professionals, on social media to diagnose from the armchair. Hamlin is communicating via handwriting because he’s been intubated. He will not be playing this week or next, possibly ending his season. The NFL suspended the Monday night game indefinitely following Hamlin’s injury. The Bills needed a win to set up potentially clinching the #1 seed in the AFC playoff picture. The Bengals needed a win to secure the AFC North.

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