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Juan Manuel Serrano Arce

At what level of privilege and insular thinking does one need to clinch to be this dense as a human being? Also, in this era of social media and things going viral, both good and bad, what made this woman think it was a good idea to go to war with emergency medical services? This person doesn’t need to work, as the rest of us have more pressing daily issues that don’t include breaking down over an ambulance parking in the bike lane while servicing an emergency. Even worse, she recorded it, further exposing the insanity of this blowup. She could have used an entire sidewalk to get around the vehicle (via The Blaze):


A bicyclist in San Francisco is likely regretting some of her social media activity after a video she posted of herself on Twitter went viral for all the wrong reasons. 

According to KTVU-TV in San Fran, the video was originally posted by a twitter user with the handle @drivingmzstacey, who has since made their Twitter feed private, likely in response to the overwhelmingly negative reaction her video has garnered. 

In the video, the user can be heard hysterically berating an EMT who was behind the wheel of the ambulance, "Get out of the bike lane!... You're killing us! Get out of the bike lane!" 

The woman did not appear to be actually dying, or in any physical danger at all, during the course of filming the video. 

Before confronting the EMT, the woman reportedly vented her frustration about being inconvenienced by a rescue vehicle in her bike lane, saying, "Here's an ambulance in the bike lane. There is a business they can park in. They can block the car lane, they can block the non-existent motorcycle park lane. I am not even half a mile from a home on a rainy day. What the f—k. What the f— k."


Either this is a rich white woman freakout, or she’s mentally ill. She probably regretted filming this spastic attack since she’s protected her Twitter account, but the Internet is forever. So, enjoy the clip—and watch how these people who don’t have a care in the world like the rest of us react when an ambulance and its crew must do their jobs.

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