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Biden DOJ Admits Targeting Pro-Life Activists

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

It might not have been a blunt declaration in the vein of ‘oh, we’re going after the pro-lifers.’ Still, in formal government official speech—it was undeniable: the Biden Department of Justice admitted that they were targeting anti-abortion activists by stretching the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act (FACE ACT) to absurd limits. The Daily Signal wrote about Associate Attorney General Vanita Gupta’s remarks at the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division’s 65th Anniversary this month. The publication also noted the DOJ’s appalling silence regarding the nearly 100 Catholic churches that have been vandalized. An equal number of pregnancy centers have been subjected to arson as well:


The Justice Department has been targeting pro-life activists through the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act as a response to the overturn of Roe v. Wade, according to Associate Attorney General Vanita Gupta. 


The associate attorney general described the overturn of Roe v. Wade as a “devastating blow to women throughout the country” that took away “the constitutional right to abortion” and increased “the urgency” of the DOJ’s work—including the “enforcement of the FACE Act, to ensure continued lawful access to reproductive services.” 

She did not immediately respond to requests for comment from The Daily Signal. 

The Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division enforces the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act, which “prohibits threats of force, obstruction and property damage intended to interfere with reproductive health care services.”

Mia had a deep dive into some of the individuals on Biden DOJ’s pro-life target list who got charged based on the FACE Act: 

President Joe Biden's weaponized Justice Department is threatening to throw the book in a Jan. 6-esque political prosecution of elderly God-worshipping Americans who dared to stand up for innocent unborn life. It's another example of the two-tiered justice system in Biden's divided America, while pro-abortion extremists are free to terrorize communities.

Instead of charging the far-left Antifa terrorists that are firebombing pregnancy crisis centers across post-Roe America and disturbing the suburban residences of our Supreme Court justices, the Biden administration's so-called Department of Justice is targeting peaceful pro-life activists—many of which are eligible for full AARP membership. 

11 pro-life advocates were indicted by Biden's DOJ last week for peacefully demonstrating at an abortion clinic in Mount Juliet, Tennessee, last year. A federal indictment unsealed last Wednesday charges the pro-life defendants with violations of the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act, alleging that the activists "aided and abetted by one another, used force and physical obstruction to injure, intimidate and interfere with employees of the clinic and a patient who was seeking reproductive health services," also known as killing unborn infants. You might be tempted to believe the Biden administration's anti-life rhetoric. But documentary evidence says otherwise. 

Here's who is among the grandparents and Christian street preachers facing federal charges: several missionaries, a survivor of the communist concentration camps, a mother of 10 adopted children, and a former stage 4 cancer patient. 

The federal indictment, which was returned last Monday by a federal grand jury, accuses the following pro-life defendants of committing FACE Act violations: Chester "Chet" Eugene Gallagher, 73, of Tennessee; Eva Edl, 87, of South Carolina; Heather Ruth Idoni, 58 of Michigan; Calvin "Cal" John Zastrow, 61, of Michigan; Paul Vaughn, 55, of Tennessee; Dennis Earl Green, 56, of Virginia; Coleman Boyd, 50, of Mississippi; Eva Zastrow, 24, of Arkansas; James "Jimmy" Zastrow, 25, of Missouri; Caroline Davis, 24, of Michigan; and Paul Place, 24, of Tennessee.


The Biden White House has denied they’re deliberately targeting pro-life leaders, but it’s hard to trust an administration that lies incessantly about everything, especially its hyper-political DOJ. Gupta has a known track record of being more of an activist than an impartial legal official.

Sadly, it’s another development, like the Twitter Files, that is shocking but also anticipated simultaneously. We always knew these antics were occurring behind closed doors—we have the hard evidence now.

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