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Why Hollywood Actress Jennifer Lawrence Is Getting Roasted Right Now

Murray Close

Hollywood is ‘woke,’ but I’ll still watch its entertainment. It’s been a liberal bastion for generations; the people are more insane. Enter why Jennifer Lawrence got roasted today for declaring that her role as Katniss in the Hunger Games was the first time a female took the lead in an action role. Such an ignorant statement warrants a 10-year ban from making movies—is she serious? The now-Oscar-winning actress sat down with Variety and made that declaration which led to people mocking her, rightfully, for having never seen a movie in her life. It’s almost painful to endure, though some of the commentaries on social media have been hilarious. Movies never existed until Lawrence graced us with her presence on the silver screen. 


Some people went deep into the weeds of film analysis, degrading up examples of female leads in what could be described as action films from the silent picture era. And then, there’s Alicia Vikander, another Academy Award-winning actress, who took on the role of Lara Croft in a reboot of Tomb Raider, which was released in 2018. There’s also Angelina Jolie’s two Tomb Raider films, along with Sigourney Weaver as Ellen Ripley in Aliens, Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor in The Terminator franchise, Uma Thurman as ‘The Bride’ in Kill Bill, and the Charlie’s Angels series.


Lawrence isn’t some coastal elitist snob, being born and raised in Kentucky. However, her sustained success and increased exposure meant she needed to toe the line regarding surviving in Hollywood, which meant becoming a devoted follower of left-wing politics. After the Dobbs decision, she delved into her family's rift over politics in a Vogue piece. Will this historically illiterate trip-up about female action roles ruin her? No—her films have grossed over $6 billion. Ms. Lawrence will be fine, but she will probably catch hell for another few days.

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