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AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Unlike most years, there will be no political discussions at Thanksgiving. There are too many other entertaining things, like my New York Giants playing football. We’re playing the Dallas Cowboys—we’re going to get destroyed. The last time the Giants played and won on Thanksgiving was in 1982 against the Detroit Lions during a truncated season due to a players’ strike where Lawrence Taylor legitimately took over the game for Big Blue and won. Also, I’m exhausted discussing politics: we had a dismal showing in the 2022 midterms. But that doesn’t mean the Biden White House is trying to give Thanksgiving cheat sheets to arm their supporters against the haymakers that the proverbial drunk conservative uncle will deliver. 

This is an actual tweet from Biden’s deputy communications director: 

What’s impressive about this work of fiction is that they’re highlighting the few bipartisan moments that have any real meaning. Chip manufacturing capacity is essential, a national security priority, but let’s not kid ourselves that a) there would be stiff GOP opposition to such a bill, or b) any voter would care right now given the crippling inflation levels. And like Biden, it’s a sheet fraught with schizophrenic tendencies: look how well we worked with congressional Republicans, but also they’re extremists and enemies of the state.

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