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Appalling: Here's the T-Shirt the US Men's Soccer Coach Wore at the World Cup

AP Photo/Hassan Ammar

I’m not a big soccer guy for numerous reasons. I’ve never liked watching it, and the infusion of left-wing politics is most intense with this sport. It’s everywhere, but soccer is a magnet for the country's most far-left and progressive elements. Nevertheless, as with any sport, it doesn’t mean that spectacular moments can happen—Saudi Arabia upset Argentina Tuesday morning. The 2022 World Cup kicked off in Qatar on Nov. 20, and there’s been some heartburn regarding the event being hosted in a nation with a shoddy human rights record. I couldn’t care less about that—the virtual ban on beer sales at these events is much more of a crime against humanity than any of the numerous human rights violations that have been a mainstay in Muslim countries. 

Even with all the noise, I still want the United States to do well. At the same time, I can also be appalled by the t-shirt the US men’s coach wore that was lacking in patriotic fervor. Every nation that makes it into the World Cup exhibits nationalistic fervor. There’s nothing wrong with that, though other nations have elicited more wary feelings when a country like Germany starts waving their flags in the stadiums.

The US entry is an incredible opportunity for the country, but here we have our coach wearing a t-shirt that says “STATES.” Should passion be a prerequisite in coaching the national soccer team of a country (via Fox News):

Like most good Americans, I tuned in for the opening match against Wales, a disappointing draw. But the result wasn’t what disappointed me most. I couldn’t help but get irrationally upset every time they showed the US sideline because of the t-shirt worn by Berhalter.

A black-and-white Nike shirt that simply says, "STATES." Not "United" States. No red-white-and-blue. No eagles, no flag, no nothing. It’s as sterile as sterile can be.

I don’t know if this was a choice by Gregg Berhalter or simply the shirt he was given, but someone made a terrible decision. And it didn’t go unnoticed.

What also has not gone unnoticed is how proud every other country seems to be of their own land. If you haven’t seen some of the other nations’ people during their national anthems, it is truly a site to behold.

I hope the US team does well, even knowing its coaching staff hates the country.

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