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Oh, So That's Why 'Boycott CNN' Was Trending

AP Photo/Ron Harris

There’s a reason why the ‘snowflake’ moniker can only be applied to liberals: they have the thinnest skins of any voter demographic in America. CNN was once the mecca for liberal America to digest anti-Trump fake news. It’s now reaping the ire of unhinged progressives for reporting that Joe Biden spends a lot of time on vacation in Delaware because his old, stupid, invalid constitution prevents him from executing the duties and responsibilities associated with the office of the president of the United States.


Biden has reportedly steamed over Trump being more popular than him at this stage of his presidency. Spencer wrote on Monday that Joe has been on more getaways than the former president. The liberal media would go ballistic if Trump went golfing. Biden took nearly 180 vacation days—can he even do this job?

Spencer added that Obama visited 78 cities during his first midterm election between January and September, hosting 16 fundraisers. Trump dropped into 57 cities and held 27 fundraisers during the 2018 midterms. Joe Biden’s frail corpse-like body has been dragged and shuffled to just 47 cities, with 11 fundraisers under his belt for the first nine months of this year. The old man cannot keep up with the pace of the job, though his abysmal approval ratings probably have impacted his schedule.

Still, the more significant point is that CNN exposed Biden as the Weekend at Bernie's president, which sent the Left into a full-throated meltdown on social media. That’s why the hashtag “boycott CNN” was trending yesterday. Some called CNN Fox News lite since ownership has changed hands, which has made it clear that the loudmouth partisans on the network, like Jim Acosta, could be on the chopping block. Hilariously, some even commented that they’re going to watch MSNBC instead—which is the equivalent of saying the Eagles are better than the Eagles.


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