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AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Are we shocked that the media deployed countermeasures on one of Joe Biden’s worst gaffes thus far in his presidency? If you missed it, it was a rather unseemly one. It went beyond mistaking names, dates, and years, which has become a pervasive trip up from this White House. No, Joe Biden asked where a congresswoman was during his hunger, nutrition, and health conference. The president inquired about the whereabouts of Rep. Jackie Walorski (R-IN)—it’s all on video. 


Congresswoman Walorski was not there because she was killed in a car accident last August. She was 58. Her district director, Zachery Potts, 27, and communications director, Emma Thomson, 28, also died in the accident. The Biden White House even issued a statement about her passing when the congressman died, so this is a rather heinous gaffe that NBC, CNN, MSNBC, and CBS ignored (via Newsbusters):

All three evening newscasts ignored the latest gaffe from our apparently senile President and instead focused on a reported Methane spill in the Baltic Sea (CBS Evening News), and Katie Couric's cancer diagnosis (ABC's World News Tonight). meanwhile, NBC spent the entire half hour of NBC Nightly News covering Hurricane Ian. 

During Fox News Channel's Special Report White House correspondent Jacqui Heinrich covered Biden's latest gaffe and the subsequent firestorm at the White House press briefing on whether Biden even remembered that Walorski died. 

"After Biden called out for a Congresswoman who died in a car crash last month at a hunger and nutrition event," Heinrich reported. Noting that in the briefing room there was "commotion over the President's mental acuity."


The terrible combination of Joe Biden's almost daily gaffes and Karine Jean-Pierre's stunning inability to put together a coherent sentence makes it obvious why the leftist news networks have no interest in covering the administration's never-ending list of incompetence and failures. 


Most of Biden’s gaffes are egregious, though some fall into the comical. Yet, this one should make anyone grimace, especially since Walorski’s tragic automobile accident happened not so long ago. It rehashes the narrative about Biden’s mental health, which leeches into debates about his age and whether he can execute the functions and duties of the office of the presidency. Wondering where dead people are is a red flag that certainly would be raised on an endless media loop if Biden were a Republican.


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