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AP Photo/Steve Helber

If there was ever a story that was a slam-dunk fact-check piece, Stacey Abrams’ abortion remarks must be it. This story is a beachball lob—you can’t miss it. No pushback will be the clearest example of liberal media bias. 


Abrams has been on the struggle bus for weeks. Even Georgia Democrats view her as the ‘typhoid Mary’ of Peach State politics. Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock eschews any campaign appearances with this woman. It’s the seat of irony that the woman who spent the past four years building a state-based political infrastructure to deliver Georgia for the Democrats while denying she lost her 2018 Georgia gubernatorial run will probably lose by a more significant margin come November. 

As we enter the most expensive and crucial weeks of this election cycle, Abrams, an abortion extremist, says that babies don’t develop heartbeats at six weeks. It’s a “manufactured sound designed to convince people that men have the right to take control of a woman's body.” 


Given that liberals now refuse to define what a woman is to avoid offending the transgender community, this outlandish remark should shock anyone. Scientific facts are now subject to revision to fit the ‘woke’ narrative that men, who have no uterus and don’t carry eggs, can get pregnant. Ms. Abrams’ penchant for alienating voters, or leaving them outright aghast, isn’t a new quality. The New York Times caught her saying something that, without a doubt, made Democratic operatives cringe. She’s not concerned about today’s electorate but one that could arise.

“I imagine an electorate that is possible, not the electorate as if the election was held today, Abrams said.

This mindset could explain the science fiction here—the woman cameo as President of United Earth for Star Trek. Perhaps she inhaled some space spores, which presents this utterly bizarre take on abortion and pregnancy. 

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