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Why the Left's Freakout Over Pat Sajak's Photo With Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Hilarious

Photo by Robb Cohen/Invision/AP

You know it’s a slow news day when Pat Sajak is roasted for taking a photo with a sitting member of Congress. Sajak was featured in a photograph with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), and the Left lost their minds. Sajak is the longtime host of Wheel of Fortune, an institution of game show programming along with Jeopardy! Greene is anathema to the Left, a figure that is loathed just as much as Donald Trump.


Greene has been labeled a Nazi, which isn’t significant since the Left smears anything they don’t like as being vestiges of the Third Reich. What’s comical about this freakout is that it’s wholly centered on picking the lesser of ‘who cares.’ Why aggravate your blood pressure over a game show host? I’m not taking a swipe at Sajak, but the man hosts a show that is one of the last bastions of apolitical entertainment—it’s hangman, folks. Co-host Vanna White unveils the letters on the board, while Sajak says ‘spin that wheel’ as contestants guess letters for money. It doesn’t get any less political, but one photo causes some of the most unhinged liberals to go after a gameshow host.


Greene is going to be re-elected. You have the freedom to take photos with whomever you want in this country, which I know liberals find disturbing. You have free speech rights in America and taking pictures with Ms. Greene is not a crime. Sajak knows that, along with the rest of America. The only people who find any offensive qualities of taking photos with members of the House of Representatives are liberals.


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