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AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee

Just because the Left fails at passing comprehensive gun control policy doesn’t mean they’re not thinking of backdoor methods to curb Second Amendment rights. The liberal push to expand background checks, ban so-called assault weapons, and limit magazine sizes are the big ticket items the anti-gun Left has lusted to be codified on the Hill. However, they don’t have a prayer becoming law. In recent years, Democrats have abandoned federal gun control pushes for ones at the state level, which has yielded success. 


In Vermont, Republican Governor Phil Scott expanded background checks, increased the age limit for purchase to 21, and banned high-capacity magazines in 2018, a response to the horrific Parkland shooting in Florida. Then-Florida Gov. Rick Scott, no relation, signed a new anti-gun bill into law before being elected to the Senate; he increased the age to purchase firearms to 21. 

On the legal front, there’s no mystery as to why the Left wants to repeal the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, passed under Bush in 2005. It shields the gun industry from frivolous lawsuits, like the families of murder victims suing Smith and Wesson. If rolled back, you know there would be a concerted effort by the institutional Left to litigate the firearms industry out of existence. And on top of that offensive against our constitutional rights, we have other measures to establish a national gun registry. The most straightforward way is for Democrats to get their federal expanded background checks efforts passed. In the meantime, check with your credit card provider because Visa announced they’re going to compartmentalize firearm purchases in a way that could lead to a clandestine gun registry. Kerry Picket at The Washington Times has more:


Second Amendment advocacy organizations are blasting the major credit-card companies over their plan to distinguish gun purchases in their payment processors, panning the idea as a step toward a database of U.S. gun owners.

Visa Inc. announced over the weekend that it will begin to categorize separately sales at gun shops, which gun-control advocates say will help better track suspicious surges of gun sales that could lead to a mass shooting.

Visa said it would adopt the International Organization for Standardization’s new merchant code for gun store sales. Until Friday, gun store sales were considered “general merchandise.”

The National Rifle Association called the action “a capitulation” to gun control groups.

“The ISO’s decision to create a firearm-specific code is nothing more than a capitulation to anti-gun politicians and activists bent on eroding the rights of law-abiding Americans one transaction at a time. This is not about tracking or prevention or any virtuous motivation – it’s about creating a national registry of gun owners,” NRA spokesman Lars Dalseide said.


Erich Pratt, spokesman for Gun Owners of America, called the action by the financial institutions “the latest attempt by anti-gun lunatic activists to pressure corporations into collecting their own business partners’ data in a way that threatens their privacy, as well as the privacy of the millions of customers who rely on these services for electronic transactions each year.”

He predicted that the data would not stay in the hands of the credit-card companies.

“Make no mistake, if the credit card companies were willing to so quickly cave on this demand, the mob will only demand more, leading us down a dark path where guns and ammo transactions, which are protected by the Second Amendment, are frequently halted and consistently flagged for the authorities,” he said.


Given the FBI’s serial abuse and overreach regarding Donald Trump and the Russian collusion hoax, you trust that no federal law enforcement agency will abuse this information if it comes across their desk. It lays the groundwork for one of the most pernicious anti-civil rights projects the anti-gun Left has been working on for decades. 


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