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AP Photo/John Locher

Las Vegas has been rocked by the recent death of reporter Jeff German. The investigative reporter for the Las Vegas-Review-Journal was killed on September 3 outside his home from stab wounds. Police surmise that the longtime journalist was killed after an altercation. German’s last investigative series revolved around Richard Telles, the outgoing Democratic Clark County Public Administrator, and his alleged toxic office space, which included bullying, an inappropriate relationship with a staffer, and general mismanagement. The reporting was damaging enough for Telles to lose his primary in June. 


A description of a vehicle that matched one driven by Telles was spotted in German’s neighborhood on the day of the incident. During a search of Telles’ home, DNA evidence on his shoes linked him to the crime scene, along with articles of clothing, including a hat, captured on surveillance footage. Both the hat and shoes were found cut up by police. Telles has been arrested on suspicion of murder but has not issued a plea yet.

The New York Times did a lengthy profile about the case and Mr. German, known as a tenacious, fearless, and professional reporter to the hilt. The publication included colorful anecdotes of German being punched by a man he was interviewing with a story, which caused the late 40-year writer to get stitches. The piece also included the many reasons why many, including German’s editors, felt his life wasn’t in danger. He covered Sin City’s mafia activities and the disreputable figures that walked its streets. The public administrator’s office isn’t a major one; it handles the estates of dead people. To think a story about Telles, his office, and the typical acts of reported malfeasance it experienced seemed to be the furthest thing from being an existential threat for Mr. German. 

Now, while the Times did a great story about the late journalist, they fell into the same trap as their colleagues. Telles’ party affiliation is buried in the story and mentioned only in passing—a reference to his loss in the past Democratic primary. It matters because the liberal media made it so. If Telles were a Republican, this would be a story featured prominently in every publication and mentioned on primetime news shows as proof positive that MAGA Republicans are genuinely a threat to the country.  


Democrats are killing journalists who were looking into them. It goes against the grain of who we are as a nation operating under the auspices of the First Amendment and a free press. Yet, we were told that Republicans are domestic terrorists by Joe Biden, ironically, two days before German’s death. 

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