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NBC Reporter Says This Issue Came Up '90 Percent of the Time' for Her on the Campaign Trail

AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews

Did Yamiche Alcindor leave New York City? It’s a legitimate line of inquiry for the NBC News reporter, whose Meet the Press appearance was marked by laughable analysis regarding this year’s upcoming elections. Most things expounded by liberal pundits are peppered with comic relief, especially now given the lengths the Left will go to make Joe Biden look competent—but this one is just patently false. Is abortion a top issue for the 2022 midterms? 


According to Yamiche, it is the top concern, saying it came up “90 percent of the time” to the voters she spoke with on the campaign trail. Again, it begs the question, did she ever leave New York or whatever liberal enclave she absconded to in her effort to deliver grade-A liberal propaganda? Who did Yamiche talk to—other reporters? It’s almost as bad as when NBC News said that “threats to democracy” was now a top issue for voters ahead of the midterms. Even liberal writers shredded the crosstabs on that survey. 

I’m banking on this election torching the liberal elitism that’s beyond overt in the national media. It’s always been explicit, but in terms of polling and voter turnout—the media is trying to manufacture a D-plus 10 electorate for this year.  That is not even within the realm of possibility. Americans are struggling to pay for their grocery bills and other expenses due to the economic recession and high inflation, but abortion is what gripes them with fear (via Fox News):

She appeared on a panel with Republican strategist Matt Gorman who argued that abortion has not come up as a major issue for Republican voters leading up to November.

"I talk to Republicans every day who see these internal polls and it is not in the top four issues. Even look at your poll last month it was 8%. It was under climate change," Gorman said.


Alcindor fiercely disagreed with the claim that abortion is not a factor in the election.

"I can say as someone who’s out on the campaign trail, even If you ask a voter about health care or the state of democracy, abortion comes up 90% of the time. To say it’s not an issue, I think, it’s just very interesting to hear because, just as someone who is reporting abortion is absolutely an issue along with inflation, along with the state of democracy," Alcindor said.

On Wednesday, she also claimed that "a number" of Republican women she spoke to are voting Democrat for the first time in their lives over abortion after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in June.


And even left-leaning polling firms have confirmed that abortion has surged in voter surveys because all the liberals along the Acela Corridor and the coasts are in panic mode after the Dobbs decision. These people are the minority, though no doubt they can make a lot of noise. Remember, these liberal voters represent around 25 percent of the electorate—they can afford to fret about issues that most of us can't even bother with since we must work to pay the bills. They can afford to eat the inflation spikes, buy electric cars, and place solar panels on their home three times over. 

So, given that abortion is being driven in importance by Democrats, and Democrats alone, I think it’s fair enough to say that the three voters Yamiche spoke to aren’t representative of those who will be voting this year, which isn’t shocking. 

Also, who are these Republican women voting Democrat because of abortion? That is classic “people are saying” and reeks of fake news. The Republican Party is quite clear about its pro-life stance, and any moderate who had issues with that left the party eons ago. 

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