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Here's the Latest Fight Between Trump's Legal Team and the Biden DOJ Over Mar-a-Lago Docs

AP Photo/Mary Altaffer

Judge Aileen Cannon granted the Trump legal team’s motion for a special master to review the documents the FBI seized after they raided Mar-a-Lago on August 8. She also issued an injunction on any further analysis by the Department of Justice regarding these documents. The core of the Justice Department’s investigation into the Trump records is on hold. Of course, the government filed an appeal, which, even on an expedited track, could take several months to resolve—and the DOJ could lose the motion. They also predicted that delaying their investigation into Trump could create a national security issue


Some of the files taken consisted of Time magazine covers and empty folders. The credibility of the FBI, especially under a Democrat, is nonexistent. And the Justice Department’s pervasive leaks concerning this probe are of equal concern since the updates are primarily fake news. The media, in typical fashion, couldn’t care less. So, with a prolonged appeal fight ahead, the Justice Department also is duking it out with Trump’s lawyers over special master candidates (via NYT):

The Justice Department and lawyers for former President Donald J. Trump failed to agree on Friday on who could serve as an independent arbiter to sift through documents the F.B.I. seized from Mr. Trump’s Florida club and residence last month.

In an eight-page joint filing that listed far more points of disagreement than of consensus, the two sides exhibited sharply divergent visions for what the arbiter, known as a special master, would do, and put forth different candidates.

The Justice Department proposed two former Federal District Court judges for the position: Barbara S. Jones, a Clinton appointee to the Southern District of New York who performed a similar role in cases involving two personal lawyers of Mr. Trump, Michael S. Cohen in 2017 and Rudolph W. Giuliani in 2021; and Thomas B. Griffith, a George W. Bush appointee who retired from the bench in the District of Columbia in 2020.

Mr. Trump’s legal team countered with two suggestions of its own: a retired Federal District Court judge, Raymond J. Dearie, a Reagan appointee who sat in the Eastern District of New York and once served as the top federal prosecutor there; and Paul Huck Jr., a former deputy attorney general in Florida who also served as general counsel to Charlie Crist, who was its Republican governor at the time.


Yet, these are trivial matters. Mike Davis, a former law clerk to Neil Gorsuch, added that Judge Cannon clarified that an intelligence assessment could continue while asking why the Biden DOJ is so afraid of an independent review. Two words: witch hunt.

There is no smoking gun in their matter—we would have learned about it by now. No DOJ employee can keep their mouth shut over there. Any truly damning evidence would have made it into the pages of The Washington Post by now. 

Every new development regarding this case has been centered on dull email exchanges between the legal teams of Trump and the National Archives and heavily redacted affidavits from the DOJ soaked in legalese from which nothing can be gleaned to justify this raid on the home of a former president. The longer this drags out, the more this looks like a political hit job. If Democrats are in charge and don’t like your views or want you to run for president, FBI agents will be dispatched to violate your home. 


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