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Liberal Writer Rips Judge's Absurd Ruling That Removed a Local Politician Over the January 6 Riot

AP Photo/Brennan Linsley

It’s an endless cycle of self-mutilation for liberals. The increasingly illiberal progressive wing of the Democratic Party still hasn’t moved on from the 2016 election. Donald Trump gives them seizures, and now the January 6 riot provides these unhinged folks with yet another reason to froth at the mouth with rage and fear. January 6 wasn’t an armed rebellion, an insurrection, or a coup. It was a hellacious riot that some Democrats are weaponizing against their political enemies; it’s their Reichstag Fire moment.


Nazi comparisons are now legitimate since Joe Biden’s fascistic September 1 speech where he declared MAGA Republicans enemies of the state. The address had an atmosphere not seen since the Nuremberg Rally in 1938. All that was missing was Leni Riefenstahl and her production crew for Triumph of the Will.

Joe smeared voters who want more jobs, better trade deals, fewer taxes, a secure border, and a smaller government as threats to our republic. Yet, one New Mexico judge decided to remove a local county commissioner for his involvement in the riot unilaterally (via KOB4):

A state district court judge ruled Otero County Commissioner Couy Griffin be disqualified and barred for life from any office, due to his participation in the Jan. 6 attacks on the U.S. Capitol.

In the ruling, Judge Francis J. Matthew cited Section 3 of the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which stipulates the consequences for any public officials who participate in an insurrection. The judge ruled the Jan. 6 attacks met the definition of an insurrection and that Griffin participated in the attacks, which disqualified him from holding or seeking local or federal office as of Jan. 6, 2021.

 Liberal writer Michael Tracey torched the ruling, attacking the Democratic Party narrative about how the GOP is “semi-fascist,” which is indefensible if local judges can remove elected officials over trespassing charges. Even more comical was the precedent citing for the removal, which dated back to 1919, when a socialist was barred from taking his seat in Congress over potential disloyalty to the United States.


“A lone judge in New Mexico just issued a declaratory judgment legally defining January 6 as an ‘insurrection,’ ordered a County Commissioner removed from office ‘effective immediately,’ and permanently barred him from running again. He was convicted of trespassing,” wrote Tracey, who, despite his liberal stripes, has earned him the unenviable position of being hated by his side more than his conservative detractors. He doesn’t play the corporate media games—he’s an independent journalist on Substack. Tracey was a Russian collusion skeptic who has brutally dismantled every liberal talking point that tried to paint Donald Trump as a Kremlin agent. He’s also not a follower nor consumer of the non-stop psychosis that befalls liberals whenever something doesn’t go their way.


We’re removing elected officials over legal precedent stretched to its elastic limits to cover riots. I thought Liz Cheney’s theatrics over this event was unbearable, but this one might be a grand slam in its lunacy compared to Cheney’s endless string of base hits on the subject.


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