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The Irony of Biden's Insane Anti-MAGA Speech Last Night Was Captured With One Photo

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Spencer already took a katana to the insane speech Joe Biden delivered last night in Philadelphia. As Joe Biden said, he was standing on hallowed ground, referencing Independence Hall. Still, his speech was a contradictory and incomprehensible mess that could only come from a man riddled with dementia and long COVID. It was a silly speech where he declared anyone who disagreed with him enemies of the state, specifically MAGA Republicans.


Yes, the people who want a smaller government, fewer taxes, better trade deals, more freedom, a secure border, and job creation are quasi-Nazis. The Americans against having their kids undergo hysterectomies, favor energy independence, and want some resemblances of public safety are “semi-fascist.” The name-calling is flying because Joe Biden has accomplished nothing in his public service career, let alone as our White House steward. The jobs report came out today, and the only thing notable about it is that unemployment ticked up, which flies in the face of the neo-renaissance narrative this White House has tried to sell as we’re in the throes of an economic recession and high inflation.

Biden is just a sick, angry old man who has had it that Republicans, who have no reason to side with him, aren’t buying into his account of events. Now, you bash the Republican Party, putting MAGA in front of the name doesn’t obscure the target, as being borderline traitorous because some of us don’t want a sub-par economy is beyond insane. After bashing the GOP, Biden had the audacity to call for national unity. I will unite by dividing is almost as stupid as those who said they were making money off losses before the 2008 financial crisis.


The actual irony, however, is the photo of Biden behind the seal of the presidency outside of Independence Hall. The image does carry some heavy Nuremberg 1938 vibes, which was not lost on anyone, amid Joe and his lackeys smearing Republicans as fascists for days. In 2017, during Trump's inauguration speech, then-MSNBC host Chris Matthews described it as "Hitlerian."

Well, how do we feel about this speech and its related photos?


 It goes back to the ongoing public relations nightmare that’s trapped this White House regarding doing everything they said they wouldn’t do. We don’t go after our political enemies, but Biden’s Justice Department raided the home of a former president for that very purpose. Some might say the FBI’s Trump ransacking was a “fascist” move by the Biden administration.

Democrats always make calls that they’re president of the United States, not just red or blue states. We all know it’s the latter. The core of the Biden agenda only benefits the wealthy, the college-educated, and the coastal elites. Now, they’re making speeches about how the GOP threatens democracy with Nazi-like backdrops and US Marines in the background. 


Seldom are any Nazi comparisons appropriate concerning American politics since it’s such a trite talking point when speaking about one’s opponents, but Biden just legitimized it with these images.

What’s his new title? Is it High Chancellor Joe Biden? Are we about to form the Supreme Council for National Reconstruction? For all the talk about “semi-fascism,” Joe—this image is marinated in it.

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