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AP Photo/Keith Srakocic

The vicious campaign to erase women from their place in civilization by the far left continues to amaze. It was at first a comedic item, but it's gone off the rails and has even the most ardent liberals wary of this destructive political correctness campaign being waged by the more progressive and "woke" segments of society. The left is willing to sacrifice biological facts to accommodate the tiniest sliver of society and ensure their feelings aren't hurt. 

That's at the core of the fight to maintain the purity of women's sports. Allowing biological males to compete with females is abject insanity that even hardcore feminists cannot abide. 

Gender is not a social construct; it's a scientific fact. Yet, the left's incessant need to blow up the established order has forced us into a crack-addled alternate reality. Men cannot be women and vice versa; we don't need to appease or promote that falsehood. Second, when dealing with historical analysis and study, there were no trans or non-binaries around because people still had a grasp on rational thought at the time. This latest political correctness fight is centered across the pond in London, where a theater production about Joan of Arc is played by a non-binary (via Newsweek): 

A debate is raging online after a British theater venue announced an upcoming play about Joan of Arc would feature a non-binary person in the lead role.

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in London announced that the upcoming production, I, Joan, will feature a Joan who uses the pronouns "they/them."


The play has been written by Charlie Josephine, and the performance description reads: "The men are all fighting, again. An endless war. From nowhere, an unexpected leader emerges. Young, poor and about to spark a revolution. This is Joan. Rebelling against the world's expectations, questioning the gender binary, Joan finds their power and their belief spreads like fire."


"Leftist theater group attacks Joan of Arc," wrote author Tom Fitton, summarizing the upcoming production from his point of view.

British broadcast journalist Esther Krakue went one step further with her criticism. "Of course. Because Joan of Arc was best known for subscribing to the same 'pronouns' as a group of tapeworms," she wrote

Saint Joan of Arc was a woman who is now revered as a national hero in France. She wasn't transgender, nonbinary, pansexual, or whatever flavor of the week is regarding the left's byzantine identity game. Some facts are immovable or, as Ben Franklin said, "stubborn things."  

Joan cannot be played by a man, an Asian person, a black woman, or a senior citizen. That's just not accurate or appropriate, and neither is trying to shove this non-binary down our throats. It's not just conservatives who are offended by this casting choice. Some noted that the play is subliminal sexism, implying that Joan couldn't have accomplished the heroic and miraculous feats she is credited with as a female. You cannot be a woman and a warrior; that's how some see this production. We know that's not true—Joan wasn't the first tenacious female warrior. Boudica nearly drove Rome out of Britain during her revolt. 

What's next? Napoleon played by a seven-foot actor, a male actor portraying Queen Elizabeth, or the Second Continental Congress comprised entirely of women? Let's get even more absurd by having Adolf Hitler being performed by an Indian actor. There are deep and defined lines here, liberals. Deal with it. 


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