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AP Photo/Terry Renna

This is not the slam-dunk on Trump the Left thinks it is regarding the FBI’s raid on Mar-a-Lago. The Justice Department issued a search warrant on the former president’s home to complete a months-long treasure hunt for supposed classified material on the premises. The search warrant is soaked in absurdity, alleging Trump violated the Espionage Act and obstructed justice. We’ve seen this movie before, but now federal agents are knocking down doors of homes of former presidents of the opposing party to ensure they’re complying with the Presidential Records Act. It’s a script not even worthy of a Z-list production. 


We’ve noted how the driving force behind this massive search could be traced back to the 15 boxes sent from Mar-a-Lago back to DC, where the National Archives just needed to get their hands on menus, guest books, and cocktail napkins. If this circus act couldn’t get even worse, the nuclear secrets leak that dropped Thursday further exposed this ransacking as a politically motivated hit. Yes, supposedly, Trump has classified documents containing nuclear secrets at his home. Right, and the magic bullet theory is credible regarding the JFK assassination. If there were atomic secrets, and the FBI was aware of their existence at Mar-a-Lago, why did they wait 18 months for a search warrant? We’re dealing with serial and systemic incompetence or political persecution. 

To exacerbate the issue further, we have CBS News’ Catherine Herridge finding a presidential memo from the Trump White House issued on January 19, 2021, where he declassified all documents related to the FBI spy operation against his 2016 campaign; dubbed ‘Crossfire Hurricane.’


It was reported Friday that federal agents seized boxes of supposedly classified material. Were these documents among them? If they’re in there, this raid looks even worse since Trump declassified these documents, which do not paint the Obama DOJ in a positive light—remember Biden was part of this administration— and then FBI agents roll into Mar-a-Lago to strip the joint. 

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