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AP Photo/Yuki Iwamura

It happened again. Donald Trump made grave errors at the outset of his presidency, namely keeping too many Obama holdovers in key positions, especially at the Department of Justice. The first sign of trouble was when Sally Yates, then acting attorney general, refused to enforce the constitutional and legal executive order on immigration that the liberal media erroneously dubbed the “Muslim ban.” 


It wasn’t just the Justice Department where the stench of rebellion was fomenting, but also from other agencies and their respective staffs. Trump had enemies everywhere, even among some of his closest advisers. I don’t need to name these figures—you’ve already seen the butcher’s bill. 

Family members being in the inner circle on significant government matters was also a fatal error. You need folks with institutional expertise in these fields, Mr. Trump. The former president has a better grasp of what must be done should he secure another term involving a massive purge of government workers. For now, he’s fighting an outlandish New York probe into his organizing, the FBI who never ended their campaign of harassment, the liberal media, and now a rat in his inner circle. This confidential source is the one who tipped the FBI off, which led to the agency’s ransacking of Mar-a-Lago. 

Should Trump be worried about this informant? A former US attorney thinks so (via Newsweek):

As speculations swirl over what information granted the FBI Monday's search warrant of former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago home, one lawyer is advising Trump to start questioning who in his circle "flipped" and offered up the tip to the federal law enforcement agency.

Former United States Attorney for the Northern District of Alabama Joyce White Vance explained that because the probable cause—the reason investigators believe the property is connected to a crime—must be "fresh," it is likely that the sensitive information obtained by the FBI was recent.

"So Trump should be worried about who has flipped, or as we might say in the south, who all," Vance tweeted on Wednesday.


Time will tell, but this multi-pronged assault on Trump from the state and federal level must be dealt with first, and then he can probably focus on who stabbed him in the back—or he can do both simultaneously. 

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