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AP Photo/Armando Franca

It's one thing to come out as transgender in high school. I'll even consider junior high to be acceptable. What's happening now is ridiculous. Four-year-old kids are coming out as transgender. We have teachers distributing puberty blockers to minors and not telling parents. It's a woke mess. 


The Biden administration is all-in on giving kids everything, sexual reassignment surgeries, puberty blockers, and hormone therapies. Supposedly, this is the consensus among pediatricians. I'm not sure, given that our cousins across the pond shut down the only clinic for transgender minors for being unsafe. 

Would you be shocked that authorities found that doctors at this clinic felt pressured to conform to the insane standards of the left, bypass typical medical protocols, and pretty much rush these kids through the gender transitioning procedures without proper consideration for the child's mental health? You could also call these oversights by another name: child abuse. The Daily Caller has more

England’s National Health Service (NHS) plans to shut down its only youth gender clinic after an investigation found it to be unsafe for children, according to The Telegraph.

An independent review found that medical professionals at Tavistock transgender clinic were pressured to unquestioningly affirm children’s gender identities and skip the normal clinical assessment process, prompting the NHS to shut down the clinic by spring 2023. The NHS will replace Tavistock with regional clinics offering a holistic approach more focused on children’s mental health, The Telegraph reported.

The move comes after a years-long investigation into claims that doctors were fast-tracking children into biomedical interventions to affirm their transgender identities without considering mental health issues or other factors, according to the Telegraph. Meanwhile, the Biden administration continues to promote childhood sex changes as a medically-necessary and potentially lifesaving treatment.

The review began in 2020 over concerns that there was “scarce and inconclusive evidence to support clinical decision making,” according to The Telegraph. Tavistock was reportedly offering puberty blockers to children as young as 10 years old.

The review also considered the soaring popularity of child sex changes and the rapidly changing demographics of those seeking the procedures, according to The Telegraph. Referrals for the clinic’s gender services spiked from 250 to 5,000 annually over the course of a decade, and while patients used to primarily be boys who wanted to become girls, the clinic saw a rapid rise in teenage girls seeking to become men.


These people exist. They're not aliens or evil, but this isn't like pulling wisdom teeth out. It doesn't take one with a medical degree to know that messing with hormones, transitioning, and surgery is complicated. You're expecting minors to grasp and absorb the mechanics here fully? Please. There also needs to be a review of social media's impact on the issue of kids transitioning. Many coming out as transgender are undoubtedly trying to keep up with what's trending. 


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