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Former Clinton Adviser: Hillary Is Running Again

Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

The Biden White House is a shipwreck. The 2024 Democratic field is thin regarding name recognition and talent. The rest of the crop that ran in 2020 can't win a national election. Joe is half-dead, while Kamala has special needs. This roster is not set up for future success. Again, watch out for Hillary Clinton, the Democrats' best and worst option. Former Clinton adviser Dick Morris says she's ready to toss her hat in the ring. Stephen Green at PJ has more:


Former Bill Clinton advisor Dick Morris says Hillary will run again in 2024.

I think I speak for everyone here at PJ Media when I say NOOOOOOOOO! in one of those blood-curdling hollers that shake the stucco off all the houses in the neighborhood.


Morris claimed that his “insiders know better than most that Biden’s quickly declining mental abilities, coupled with an economy spiraling out of control, means disaster for the Democrats in ’24.”

 After seeing the steep decline and decrepitude that's baked into this Biden administration—she would be a candidate that could clear the field. No one else can beat her in a primary contest.


Here’s the grain of salt: This is Dick Morris we’re talking about. For 30 years, Morris never saw a TV camera he didn’t leap out in front of, climbing over babies and knocking down old people if he had to, so he could be seen and heard spouting off sensationalist nonsense.

On the other hand, Morris still knows people who knows people — so who knows? Morris’ column might serve as a Clintonista trial balloon to see if there’s some acceptance for another Hillary run or if millions of voices will cry out in terror.

A national campaign infrastructure for Hillary would appear overnight, and she would be off to the races. She's also well-known to the group that saved her from Bernie Sanders in 2016: black southern Democrats. They'd probably back her again, giving her a delegate edge that could be insurmountable after the so-called SEC primary swing below the Mason-Dixon line. The problem is the current base. The Obama coalition wasn't going to transfer their support to her in 2016. They might be less inclined to do so now, and the Democratic Party has become more insane. Hillary could depress turnout for her side in the Pacific Northwest if she used the wrong pronoun.


What about her health? We all saw images of her getting dragged up a few stairs, and like Biden, she collapsed in full view of the public. The 9/11 memorial event got marked by the former first lady barely reaching her vehicle after getting wobbly in the knees. Even CNN admitted that the incident makes questions about her health and stamina legitimate.

American voters are done with dynasties. Many Democrats, especially younger ones, want to turn the page on the Clinton years. Yet, if Trump runs again, they might just bite the bullet and support her one last time. Mrs. Clinton could increase those odds of support if she crafts a message that resonates with voters. We've all seen the 'anti' candidates fall short. Clinton was the anti-Trump. Mitt Romney was the anti-Obama. Both failed. She can't do that again, which means Mrs. Limousine Liberal has to make a play for white working-class voters. This strategy will cause friction with the college-educated elite that dominates blue state America; they also hate everyone. There's a lot to weave here with Democrats, and Clinton has proven she doesn't have what it takes.

That's why she's the Democrats' worst and best possible candidate. She's a retread who can get money in the coffers and a top-notch staff together. It would be a well-oiled machine. Clinton would win the nomination simply because no other candidate has the endurance.


Yet, Clinton's machine will again be plagued with character questions and issues. She is a relic of the old guard when the new lefties want fresh blood causing potential turnout issues. Still, for all her faults, who the hell is there that’s serious in 2024.

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