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AP Photo/David Dermer

I’m really at a loss for words. First, I never thought I’d write so much about a WNBA star. No one watched the WNBA. No one. And yet, it’s become another front of incompetence and shame for this White House. Brittney Griner has been detained in Russia since February on drug charges. She possessed vape cartridges with cannabis oil. He faced up to a decade behind bars. She pleaded guilty to the charges, and Joe Biden has vowed to secure her release. Sir, she’s been in jail since February. What is going on over there?


The Biden team has done a grade-A job messing up this incident. In June, Griner’s anniversary call with her wife never happened because no one was at the front desk of our embassy to connect the call. Griner reportedly tried 11 times to call her wife. Cherelle Griner has since gone nuclear on the Biden administration, saying point-blank that she doesn’t trust them. I don’t blame her. The Biden administration couldn’t get a phone call set up.

Get her out, Joe. Donald Trump was able to bail Lavar Ball’s son out of an alleged shoplifting incident in China. What is going on over there? Biden did do something, but it’s worthless. He signed an executive order that would punish people who captured Americans abroad. I’m chuckling a little bit here. Biden is a paperman. An American got detained abroad, and you issue an executive order that doesn’t scare anyone. It didn’t secure Griner’s release. Again, this is a senator’s way of dealing with an issue. It’s not presidential. It’s a classic ‘going through the motion’ move by a weak and ineffective president.

‘I got this piece of paper signed, beware!’ It’s laughable (via ESPN):

President Joe Biden signed an executive order Tuesday aimed at increasing the flow of information to families of Americans detained abroad and at imposing sanctions on the criminals, terrorists or government officials who hold them captive.

It is unclear if the new order will result in bringing home more Americans jailed in foreign countries, but senior Biden administration officials who previewed the action to reporters said they regard it as an important way to raise the cost of hostage-taking and to punish captors.

The executive order is being announced as the administration faces criticism from some families over a perceived lack of creativity and aggressiveness in getting their loved ones home. It also comes as the ongoing detention in Russia of WNBA star Brittney Griner has brought increased attention to the population of Americans who are jailed abroad and designated by the U.S. as wrongfully detained.

A representative for Griner told ESPN's T.J. Quinn that they didn't plan to comment. "We're focused on her trial right now," the representative said.


The smoke from this tire fire has reached new heights. Joe did something, but in no way did it secure Griner’s freedom.

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