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AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

Oh, my goodness, what do we have here? January 6 committee star witness Cassidy Hutchinson said that the select committee that she testified before last week was "BS." Are we shocked? No.


This whole circus came down as soon as Secret Service agents who were with then-President Trump on that day debunked her insane claim of an attempted car hijacking. Yes, she alleged that Trump lunged at an agent, tried to take the wheel of "the Beast," and commandeer it. He wanted to go to the US Capitol. That never happened. Two agents who were there have said they’re willing to come forward and testify under oath that this never happened. She also said the rioters were armed to the teeth with body armor and AR-15 rifles. No. That's a lie. They would have leaked the photos from the security footage. Please. Then, Mark Meadow, Trump's chief of staff, denied ever asking for a pardon in the wake of the riot. 

The entire testimony was ripped to shreds within 36 hours, though this was seen as a smoking gun. It's not. It only reinforced what we already know: that Liz Cheney sucks, and this committee is set up to prohibit Trump from running again. How will they do that? I don't know. There's no evidence that Trump fomented a rebellion or armed insurrection. This committee has no credibility, and it's going bye-bye once the GOP retakes the House in November. Still, the last bit of credibility Hutchinson might have had was delivered a headshot after the Daily Caller found her texts ripping the committee before her turncoat testimony


The January 6 committee’s key witness, Cassidy Hutchinson, called the committee “bs” in a text message obtained exclusively by the Daily Caller.

On Feb 1. Hutchinson sent a text to a conservative activist with connections to the First Amendment Fund, which is a group started by the American Conservative Union that helps Trump officials cover costs for Jan. 6 lawyers. Matt Schlapp said Hutchinson approached CPAC for help through the First Amendment Fund. Schlapp said he is happy they did not end up assisting her because she was relaying White House “hallway gossip as fact.”

In the text message, Hutchinson says: “Hey (redacted)! This is Cassidy Hutchinson. Kind of a random question, but do you still work for the Schlapp’s at the ACU?”

To which the person responded, “Hi, Yes!”

Hutchinson then said, “Do you happen to know a First Amendment fund POC I could reach out to? I was subpoenaed in early Nov., but the committee waited to serve me until last week (after Ben’s deposition).”

“I had to accept service because the U.S. Marshalls came to my apartment last Wednesday, but I haven’t made contact with the Committee. I’m just on a tight timeline and just trying to figure out what my options are to deal with this bs,” Hutchinson added.


This is a freak show that reeks of the swamp, but you know that already. You've known that for years. DC is a snake pit. And let's not cry over Hutchinson. Despite her shoddy testimony, she will get some deal from this, either a book deal or a media contract with some liberal network. If the left still believes the Russian collusion hoax, which has been debunked for months — then they will certainly drool over every one of Hutchinson's tall tales for years to come about Trump and January 6. 

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