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AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Sit back and enjoy the liberal tears. It’s probably the most predictable rant from a liberal about the Supreme Court’s ruling in the Dobbs case which overturned Roe v. Wade—but it’s still entertaining. It’s an illegitimate court; its legitimacy was chipped after Bush v. Gore. Anytime the Left loses, the Court is illegitimate. Every time the Left loses, people will die. Every time they lose, it’s because of racism, sexism, misogyny, ageism, or ableism. It’s comical at this point. Ben Rhodes, a former Obama aide, boasted about creating an echo chamber for the administration’s foreign policy. He was a core defender of the horrific Iran nuclear deal. So, having bad takes isn’t new for this guy. 


It's all the liberal grievances wrapped up in one thread. How Bush’s 2000 win led to Samuel Alito and John Roberts. How the Senate GOP’s intransigence in offering Merrick Garland a hearing led to Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett. And how this right-wing minoritarianism is not just unsustainable but dangerous to democracy. Oh, I drink up these tears.


First, for the millionth time, the Electoral College elects the president, not the popular vote. While these clowns decry so-called minority rule—it’s not but we’ll play this game for a bit—they’re all about mob rule. This idiotic fixation on popular votes extends into the composition of the US Senate. Oh, and now unelected judges are a problem. Just smile and laugh, everyone. We’re seeing sore losers and snobs who think they’re entitled to win everything based on having what they think are superior opinions, like men being able to get pregnant. 


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