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AP Photo/Ron Harris

It's been a long time coming. It's been almost a decade. In 2008, DC v. Heller declared the Second Amendment affords Americans the right to bear arms unconnected to a militia and struck down the city's handgun ban. McDonald v. Chicago expanded that right to the states; Heller only applied to federal enclaves. 


As Spencer wrote, New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen is the most significant Second Amendment ruling from the Supreme Court since Heller and McDonald, where the Supreme Court struck down the state's concealed carry law as unconstitutional in a 6-3 vote. In another shocking development, Chief Justice John Roberts, the new leader of SCOTUS' liberal wing, didn't stab us in the back. Most importantly, the ruling shredded New York's justifiable need clause that required one to present evidence about stalking or death threats usually to obtain a permit. This is the line between shall issue and may issue carry laws, which were at the heart of these lawsuits in the past. 

States with "may issue" carry laws grant authorities the arbitrary power to deny a permit application. In "shall issue" states, an applicant for a permit must receive it if authorities find no prohibitive reasons. Simply put, if you're a law-abiding citizen who passes the safety courses and background check, you're going to get your carry permit. It's a great day for civil rights. It's a great day for our Constitution, and liberals are going bananas. 

Of course, CNN's Jeffrey Toobin took a break from a Zoom call to say that this is direct evidence that the Second Amendment is a "first-class right" and smeared conservative justices as being ones who want Americans to purchase firearms without background checks. ABC News' Terry Moran implied that this ruling will now mean people will show up at Drag Queen storybook times and shoot up the place. 


David Hogg was ever predictable in saying that this ruling that expanded American civil rights would kill people. Fake conservative Jennifer Rubin tossed in her two cents. Yes, it was a trash take. And there were some others as well. When liberals go apoplectic, it usually means freedom won. Celebrate this, folks. 

We'll be back with more because today will be a total liberal media meltdown. 


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