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JK Rowling Doled Out a New Term That's Eye-Opening

AP Photo/Christophe Ena

J.K. Rowling was a darling of the Left. She is a devoted leftist. There is nothing politically conservative about her. What was nauseating about Rowling was not her per se, but liberals using Harry Potter references to describe their resistance to the Trump administration. At the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, there was reportedly a group of anti-Trump staffers who called themselves “Dumbledore’s Army,” and communicated through encrypted apps. Now, she’s public enemy number one to the Left for being pro-science. She believes in two genders. She thinks women are women and men are men. She’s now no better than a Nazi. It’s been this way for quite some time, but when commenting on biological men being housed in female prisons—she also used a new term that should cause you to chuckle. 


Enter “the penised.” They’re dudes, guys. We all know that. 

She was referring to a story from New Jersey where a female prison, Edna Mahan Correction Facility for Women, saw a few pregnancies occur because the transgenders there were screwing around with the female inmates. These were reportedly consensual sexual encounters, but the whole thing exists in a world that’s upside down. 

To make things even more insane, we have British members of Parliament saying that women can have male genitals.

Yeah, how dare JK Rowling have rational opinions about this stuff, right? Well, in the left-wing realm, it’s earned her a cancellation notice which only exists in the minds of these warped folks. Rowling is already rich. Her Fantastic Beasts books are being made into movies. Those movies will still make money. She doesn’t doesn’t think that “the penised” are women. Deal with it. She’s also right. 


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