Oh, Good...Now We Have Teachers Asking Students How Comfortable They Are About Graphic Sex Acts

Posted: May 26, 2022 4:00 PM
Oh, Good...Now We Have Teachers Asking Students How Comfortable They Are About Graphic Sex Acts

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Okay, I mean what is going on here? As if things can’t get any worse in our schools regarding all this woke nonsense and critical race theory fraud in the curriculum, we have graphic questions about the level of comfortability regarding sexual activity. Was this survey given to little kids? No, not this time at least. It was high schoolers, but still—what are we doing here giving these so-called educators a pass if they’re asking students how comfortable they are with anal sex. Are parents okay with them asking their kids about their masturbation preferences because that was also on the sheet? In Canada, an equally graphic survey was given to kindergartners. 

Libs of Tik Tok was there to uncover this madness:

Students at Campolino High School in California were reportedly given an invasive and inappropriate sex lesson which included questions about their anal sex and masturbation preferences.

In this worksheet, students were asked to rate their comfort level with anal sex. Presumably, these written responses were turned in by each student, so the school now has their anal sex preferences on file.


Students were also asked if they like to masturbate with others in the room.

Libs of TikTok spoke with a parent who expressed horror that a school would be collecting such information from a teenager. The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, told us the school didn’t want parents to see the material.

Nothing wrong with talking about masturbation in a high school health class, but lines are crossed when you ask kids if they like to do it in front of others. Who wrote that question? Louis C.K.? And the schools know they’re crossing the line again of course. It just amazes me that these clowns dole out tons of graphic surveys and hope no parent will ever see it. In the social media age, nothing remains secret for long. Libs of Tik Tok added that this school also hands out “trans tape” so girls can tape their chests. Boys are also given the tape for “tucking” as well. Republicans have a massive opportunity here with swaths of suburban parents who could move these areas back into play, but they can’t overreach. These are moderates politically. No hardcore MAGA stuff, sadly—but returning common sense to the classroom sells. It worked in Virginia. It can work in the Philly suburbs and other areas where national elections are decided.