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Is Biden's Dithering on Forgiving College Debt a Sign He Knows It's Bad Policy...Or Just Dementia?

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

Joe Biden is facing heat for not bailing out whiny college kids. They're saddled with mountains of debt, and they're not happy that starting salaries aren't six-figures when entering the job market. What the hell did these kids expect? They're young and inexperienced. Gone are the days of getting signing bonuses and the like upon being hired for your first job—industry depending, of course. 


Once again, the Democrats have found a way to infuriate 70-plus percent of the country. It's yet another example of the Democratic base not knowing or containing any normal working people. They’re all professional urban-based elites who know next to nothing about life outside of a city, where most Americans live. At its core, the working class is being asked to bail out the most privileged liberals in the country. This won't play out well. In the meantime, Biden is dragging his feet on a college debt bailout plan (via Bloomberg): 

President Joe Biden is agonizing over ordering a sweeping cancellation of student loan debt, despite pressure from Democrats -- including Vice President Kamala Harris -- eager for a political win before midterm elections, according to several people familiar with the matter.

While he said last month that he’s considering “some debt reduction,” Biden has not made up his mind about many details of the plan, including how much debt to forgive per borrower, the people said. And though White House officials have debated the contours of a forgiveness program internally for more than a year, there is no real consensus on the best path forward.


White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain and a deputy director of the National Economic Council, Bharat Ramamurti, are among the aides urging Biden to announce some form of student loan forgiveness.

The White House’s hesitance on the issue represents the latest fracture within the Democratic party, which Biden has failed to unite around his ambitious economic agenda. But this time it’s the Democratic rank-and-file who haven’t yet persuaded the president to use his power for broad loan relief.  


Many legal experts, even those once skeptical of Biden’s authority, have concluded that he can order at least some loan forgiveness. But the scope of his power -- and where he derives it -- remains under debate.


Joe Biden says he supports some form of debt forgiveness, but maybe in the neighborhood of $10,000. There is talk of a proposal to wipe off $50,000 worth of debt for borrowers. Biden is also reportedly worried about whether he has the legal authority. I don't think he has the votes either. Democrats have a four-seat majority in the House, and it's a 50-50 Senate. It's also a midterm election year. These big moves usually don't happen, especially with this White House, which has made massive pushes only to suffer legislative humiliation up on the Hill. 

Sure, Democratic Senator Joe Manchin says he supports some relief, but there doesn't appear to be any real plan in place if we're still having these reports about internal White House debates. We have an inflation crisis, a baby formula shortage, a supply chain that still isn't fixed, pain at the gas pump, anemic job creation, and a southern border that's out of control. This ploy is just a Hail Mary attempt to get the attention of younger voters for the midterms, a demographic that is notoriously unreliable in elections.

Is Joe's dithering a sign he knows he will receive blowback by doing this? Or is it just dementia? Is that why there are so many meetings about this stuff because Joe forgets? Who knows? 

Not everyone has to go to college. Not everyone can go to college. Some people save for it. Some don't, take on loans, and pay them back. The latter is nothing new, many Americans have done this for generations. The more this plan gets placed into the sunlight, the more unpopular it will become. It is a bailout for the whiny left. It is a bailout for the elites. And the working and middle class will have to shoulder it because beta males and shrill feminists think they're owed massive salaries for having the right opinion about things. That's not how the world works, kids. 


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