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It's not shocking from this network. In fact, the only thing shocking about this unhinged segment is how long it took for one of these clown hosts to make this comparison. We’ve said this multiple times. MSNBC's only function is to keep liberal blood pressures low and support their fragile moral superiority complex. Other than that—there really is no use for the network since it's a pile of hot garbage, but you already know that. Nothing screams more desperation than what Nicolle Wallace just said about the culture war and the GOP. They’re losing it. The old ‘war on women’ narrative isn’t working because there’s an internal debate among feminists regarding the transgenders. Liberal America can define womanhood. That’s a problem. Also, abortion is simply not a hot issue right now. 


America’s home budgets are balanced by women, and they see the rising gas costs, the inflation, and their local school boards running amok. There are other issues at stake. Only the privileged, childless, and utterly miserable can obsess about sex and abortion all day, which makes Planned Parenthood the perfect vehicle, their entire support base is made of these folks. Wallace literally said that the GOP was acting like the Russian soldiers in Ukraine that are raping children. She centered it on the “dehumanization” aspect which is a war tactic. Yeah, we’re just like the Russian troops in Mariupol. Is everyone on the Left hitting the crack pipe?

Don’t get too mad about this, folks. It’s a clear sign that Wallace knows her party is going to get creamed in November. They’ve got nothing. We’ve already exposed them. They have a president who is half braindead. They have an agenda that is unpopular. They have no legislative wins to tout. They’ve got nothing. So, they just compare us to homicidal and rape-y Russian soldiers. Just shrug. We’ve already won the debate without ever stepping on the battlefield. 


You’re all rapists for…wanting schools to be sane, jobs to be created, inflation to go down, gas prices to drop, and normalcy to return regarding COVID. Yeah, again—you’re doing the GOP’s work for them. It seems like every day the liberal finds new ways to alienate whole swaths of the country. 

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