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Fake News: It Seems Trump Didn't Walk Out of Piers Morgan Interview

AP Photo/Chris Seward

I’m sure you all saw the promos for Piers Morgan’s interview with Donald Trump. The highlight is that the former president walked out after being pressed about the 2020 election. It’s all part of the big rollout for Piers’ new show. Hey, it got my attention, but it could be total fake news. Mr. Morgan could be revisiting some bad habits that got him fired from the Daily Mirror in 2004. In that incident, Morgan published fake photographs of British troops abusing Iraqi prisoners. He refused to acknowledge that they were fake, and the publication was duped. Trump’s communications team has released new audio showing that the former president didn’t storm out of the interview (via Politico):


At issue is whether Trump angrily stormed out or whether, as Trump’s team suggested, the footage was cut that way to publicize Morgan’s new show, which is to debut next week and feature the interview. Regardless, the conflicting narratives will almost certainly raise interest in their discussion.


The audio supplied by Trump’s team cast portions of the interview in a much different light, with Morgan telling Trump repeatedly that he was asking his “last question.” At one point, the voice of Trump spokesperson Taylor Budowich can be heard saying, “Is that the last question? You’ve said ‘the last question’ four times now.” Trump then responds with a comment about Morgan being deceptive, though there’s no sign of animosity.

Both sides agreed on at least one thing: After the interview ended, Trump told Morgan he’d recently had a hole-in-one while playing golf.

Trump later issued a statement about the interview.

“Piers Morgan, like the rest of the Fake News Media, attempted to unlawfully and deceptively edit his long and tedious interview with me,” he said, without explaining about what was unlawful about the editing.

Trump added: “The good news is that the interview was taped by us as a means of keeping him honest.”


The interview will air on April 25. Morgan was a Trump ally before the January 6 riot. Who knows what his thought process was after that day, but the man needs to keep working so here we are with this interview—and it could all be predicated on a lie. 

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