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Oh, this is good. It’s just too funny. It’s too perfect. Nothing says woke nonsense than two diversity officers going after a black man for…wearing blackface. I’m not kidding. At a charity event for an Arizona school district, two diversity staffers stepped in it for going after a black DJ. They didn’t know his race until after media reports confirmed that the black man was…black. One of the officers did apologize. I’m not sure that’s enough. Another one decided to double-down, saying that even a black man can wear blackface or something. He alleged that the black DJ made himself darker. It’s too stupid to truly comment on—and I feel like I’m kicking the mentally disabled. Who thinks like this? Just take the “L” boys and girls. You went off half-cocked, and reminded all of us why you’re all insane (via NY Post):


Two local diversity advocates in Arizona are taking heat after calling a school district racist for hiring a DJ to perform in black face — but it turns out the DJ was black. 

Stuart Rhoden and Jill Lassen — who specialize in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion — lambasted the Scottsdale Unified School District’s Hopi Elementary PTA for their decision to hire Kim Koko Hunter, 56, a local black DJ, at a charity event.

Both Rhoden and Lassen, who are involved in diversity work in the school district, slammed the school after seeing a picture of Hunter, only to later learn his race, according to the Arizona Daily Independent. 

“The DJ that the Hopi PTA hire[d] was, in fact a Black man,” Hopi PTA president Megan Livengood wrote in response to Lassen in a message obtained by the outlet. “It is insulting that you feel myself or PTA condone racist behavior or encourage it by posting on social media.”

According to the Independent, Lassen, a librarian, responded by saying: “You are right, we should’ve reached out and inquired before making such accusations. I cannot fathom the hurt, anger and frustration you felt after you and others volunteered countless hours on your event. Again I truly apologize.”


… Rhoden, who is an instructor at Arizona State University, did not appear particularly apologetic and posted a side-by-side image of Hunter on Facebook to try to show that the DJ darkened his face even if he is black.

“Let me be clear, a black man, apparently in black face is an entirely different discussion than a White person,” he wrote on Facebook. “However… it seems at the very least he is in darker make-up if not ‘Black face’ or I am completely mistaken and it’s the lighting of the patio.”

Rhoden is a member of the district’s Equity and Inclusion Committee and Lassen is a co-chair of the Scottsdale Parent Council diversity, equity and inclusion committee.


Eventually, liberalism will cave into itself. It’s not sustainable. It’s unprincipled. It’s unhinged. It’s become gross and weird. When you cannot determine who is a black man or not and then on top of that idiocy, accuse said black man of wearing blackface—it’s just time to call it day, maybe forever. It’s a call for a permanent retirement from the woke games with a zero QBR rating. What fresh hell is this? I thought it was bad enough when liberal America seemed incapable of defining what is a woman. Now, they don’t know who is white and nonwhite. 

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