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AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

A bird appears to have pooped on Joe Biden. It's not necessarily the coup de grâce because I think worse events are bound to happen given that we have two more years of Dementia, man, but this perfectly captures Biden's failed presidency. 


During a speech in Iowa yesterday, Joe unveiled yet another failed proposal to tackle rising gas prices and inflation. Inflation hit a 40-year high. It's not transitory. Remember that talking point? Even the birds weren't buying any of this nonsense, and excrement rained down on Biden. 

Oh, the word has gotten out on how to frame this bit of terrible news. It's Putin's fault. The war in Ukraine is causing all the issues here. No. Inflation was on the uptick long before Russian tanks entered Ukraine. This is because of Joe Biden's failed ideas. Now, we're tapping into the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. This is not what it's supposed to be used for, Joe. It's for the military. We wouldn't be in this mess if you didn't take a hammer to oil and gas. Donald Trump put us on the path toward energy independence. You ruined it. 


Everyone can't stand you. You're an albatross around the neck of your party. Your approvals are abysmal. Everyone is crapping on you, Joe—even the birds. 

Joe Biden has given us an economy stuck in the mud, high gas prices, high inflation, a supply chain fiasco, and two wars. He can't create jobs. He can't do his job. In his mind, he gave a speech about gas prices and inflation, so he solved it. You can't put the presidency on cruise control and coast, Joe. If you had the mental capacity, you would know that, but you don't. 


We had four years of peace and prosperity under Donald J. Trump. We're going to have four years of economic torpor, war, misery, and overall failure under Joe Biden. I hope we're all figuring out that him running twice and not winning was a sign of something, along with the notion that being elected from blue Delaware isn't exactly an accomplishment either. 

He's old. He's weak. He's stupid. He's not a nice guy. But his failures are doing wonders for the GOP, which is gaining ground with almost everyone for the 2022 cycle. 

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