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AP Photo/Chris Carlson

All these employees need to get a grip. They all deserve to be slapped bloody—maybe that'll knock some sense into them because Twitter is a publicly-traded company, and if Elon Musk wants to buy almost 10 percent of it—so be it. As more and more conservative accounts got censored or banned, liberals have long said that Twitter is a private company, and it can ban whomever it wants. They doled out that line often when the Right would rightfully complain about how enforcement of the terms of service was explicitly one-sided. How do they feel about that now? Billionaire Elon Musk delivers an uppercut to the mouth, and liberals can't deal with it. 


Musk was offered a board seat. He turned it down. The way is open for him to buy more shares of the company. Is a hostile takeover possible? Who knows? It'll cost a lot of money, but Elon has it. That lingering threat is driving woke employees insane and has brought much satisfaction. The enemy is at the gates. Let them work under fear for a bit. Thus far, it's been a struggle for these precious little snowflakes who now have described working at Twitter as a total "sh** show" (via NY Post): 

Elon Musk’s looming battle with Twitter’s board is a source of major anxiety for company employees – many of whom are reportedly worried that billionaire’s campaign to force changes is just beginning.

Musk’s surprise rejection of a Twitter board seat emerged ahead of a scheduled “day of rest” for company employees, according to a report.

Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal broke the news on his account the previous night, describing Musk’s decision as “for the best” even as he warned workers they would face “distractions ahead,” Bloomberg reported late Monday.

The uncertainty left Twitter workers feeling “super stressed” about the future, with employees reportedly “working together to help each other get through the week.”

The report cited interviews with Twitter employees who asked not to be identified while discussing the company’s inner workings. Several employees told the outlet that Twitter’s internal environment was a “s–t-show” after Musk’s deal with the board fell through.


They worked together to "help each other get through the week." Really? No wonder why Russia felt it could just invade Ukraine. I would, too, if the US president was weak, along with its citizenry. Someone used the free market to buy a significant share of a social media company. I'm shook. That's how soft some people are in this country. I relish the increased anxiety and elevated stress levels from these folks who felt untouchable in their role as the information police. That could come to an end. I hope it does. Buy more stock, Elon. Buy more. 

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