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The Media Are Silent Over One Particular Story Relating to Kamala Harris

Saul Loeb/Pool Photo via AP

When you can’t say anything good, you might as well not say anything at all, right? Vice President Kamala Harris is a trainwreck. She’s been a nightmare on television. She’s failed at every task handed down to her by Joe Biden. She’s a master chef when it comes to word salad. Regarding Ukraine, her analysis could have been drafted by a first grader. She botched the talking points on the sanctions against Russia. It all ties into the many, many stories about how she doesn’t do the work. She often ignores the briefs her staff prepare for her in a futile attempt to not make her look like an idiot. 


We all know she creates a toxic work environment. We all know she bleeds staff. All her top people have left, and the media is doing their part in not letting everyone know that by completely ignoring the story. Scott Whitlock at Newsbusters noted the media’s silence about the virtual disintegration of Harris’ office (via Newsbusters):

Well, that makes an even dozen. Not that you would know it, but Kamala Harris has lost her 12th major staffer since last June. As each one departed, the network newscasts avoided saying any of their names, saving the Vice President from embarrassment. 

Deputy Chief of Staff Michael Fuchs will stay in his position until Early May “to ensure a smooth transition,” according to the New York Post on Monday. His departure, like all the rest, went unnoticed by ABC, CBS and NBC. 

These are not minor positions either. The list of those who have left Harris include Communications Director Ashley Etienne, Chief Spokesperson Symone Sanders and Director of Speechwriting Sarah Gouda, to name just a few.


In contrast, when former Vice President Mike Pence had a (rare) staffer leave, the networks offered certainly noticed. Olivia Troye was an adviser to Pence.


Twelve major staffers have now left the Vice President’s office amidst rumors of discontent and chaos. What, exactly, is going on in the VP’s office? Don’t look to ABC, CBS and NBC. They don’t seem to care.


Twelve top staffers have abandoned the S.S. Harris. Does she have anyone left? Don’t bet on the big three—ABC, CBS, and NBC—letting you know about it anytime soon. 

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