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Notice Anything Odd About What This Church Is Giving Up for Lent?

AP Photo/Mark Lennihan

Not even the Catholic Church, or any religion, is safe from the woke virus. You all knew this. I’m not saying anything new. It just carries a more ‘in your face’ attitude. It’s Lent for scores of Christians around the world. I was raised Catholic but have since strayed admittedly. It wasn’t over the scandals, though those are heinous. I’m just a person who really wasn’t born with deep faith. It’s a defect of mine, but that doesn’t mean I don’t see the important role religion has played in our society from the abolition of slavery to helping the inner-city poor. 


Sunday mass is a place to give thanks and atone for sins. It’s not a place to spread woke nonsense. One church in Chicago, they’re fasting from whiteness for Lent. I have no idea what that means, but I’m pretty sure you’d have to stretch pages to their extreme points to find a place for it in catechism.

Specifically, this church is avoiding any music created by white people. So, houses that were meant to bring people together are deciding to take some pages out of the apartheid playbook. 


The good news is that for folks who are not with these antics, they can simply find another church. If I were still a practicing Catholic, I’d bolt from this place in a heartbeat. 

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