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AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Guy will have more about Sen. Dick Durbin’s (D-IL) nonsensical stance about Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Supreme Court nomination later today, but we need to have another history lesson for Senate Democrats because they've obviously forgotten a key moment here. These people are always obsessed with the arc of history, and the need to force everyone to their side which they feel is the right one. People can be wrong. It’s okay. It’s not illegal. For liberals, that’s a good thing since they’re wrong about almost everything. No, I’m going to focus on Durbin’s lecture to Senate Republicans. You see, the Illinois Democrat was appalled that Republicans brought up Judge Jackson’s sordid and disturbing legal history concerning sentences for child porn offenders. She was lenient, even when she could have doled out years of prison time, she handed down the lightest sentence possible. Some cases involved the sexual torture of young children. 


Her soft stance on sexual predators is documented. It’s a fact. There’s a docket. There are the case files. There are the perpetrators themselves. The judicial record is ironclad. You know what wasn’t—the uncorroborated and fake sexual misconduct allegations against Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Durbin must have forgotten that circus because he said he was aghast that the Senate GOP would say “vile” things in front of Judge Jackson’s family. Dude, are you suffering from dementia, like Joe Biden (via Daily Wire):

Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) claimed Monday that some members of the Republican Party had accused Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson of “vile things” during her recent hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Durbin, who chairs the committee, said that most Republican members had kept their promise not to turn the proceedings into a “circus” — but he claimed that some had not done so, and had instead made ugly accusations in front of the judge’s family.

“On the whole, my Republican colleagues starting with my ranking member, Senator Grassley, treated the nominee with dignity and respect,” Durbin began. “They promised not to turn this confirmation process into a court circus, and most kept that promise.”

“Some, however, did not,” he continued. “Instead they repeatedly interrupted and badgered Judge Jackson and accused her of vile things in front of her parents, her husband, and her children. There was table pounding, some literal, from a few of my colleagues. They repeated discredited claims about Judge Jackson’s record. They impugned her motives and questioned her candor. One all but called her a liar. They even suggested that Judge Jackson, mother to two wonderful daughters, quote ‘endangers children.'”


Oh, please. My eyes cannot roll any harder. I guess Durbin thinks that Kavanaugh’s family wasn’t at all impacted when Democrat after Democrat, along with their media allies, repeated and smeared their father over fake sex crimes that never happened. Christine Blasey Ford was a doofus who only did what she did to stop Roe v. Wade from being overturned.  It’s why her so-called allegation never made any sense. She had no recollection of key parts of her alleged assault because it never happened. It was part of the zero-hour character assassination attempt by the Left and it nearly succeeded. Even then, it took a lot of wrangling to keep the GOP in line. 

What is fact is that Judge Jackson is soft on child porn predators. What is not fact is that Justice Kavanaugh was part of a gang-rape ring in high school. His accusations were never verified because they were trash. Durbin, go shove it. 

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