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AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

The media reported on it. There was a whole presser where it was rehashed, but the "two separate rules" doctrine is on full display. It's not like we're shocked. The only thing shocking is how quickly Biden has become a failed president. How quickly he managed to lead this nation's economy, which was booming under Trump, into a recession. And how quickly his base of support is degrading. Women, Independents, and black voters are all shown leaving Biden, but he doesn't care. He's openly said he doesn't believe the polls. He thinks he's the smartest guy in the room, which is probably the most annoying aspect of this guy because we all know he's slow, stupid, and appallingly weak. So, with all the talk about Donald Trump causing World War III with his tweets, are we just going to gloss over Biden's serial Ukraine gaffes and think all is well?

Not every liberal writer has drunk the Kool-Aid. Michael Tracey, a former reporter for the Young Turks, has been a thorn in the side of the establishment lefty press. He was not sold on the Russian collusion myth and routinely eviscerated every talking point and story peddled to support that circus act. He's not part of the "woke" mob. He documented the devastation of the 2020 summer riots. He's not beholden to anyone, which is why his liberal colleagues don't like him. He's truly independent. So, what's his take about Biden's disastrous European trip? Where was the talk about the 25th Amendment because Joe Biden showed more signs of compromise than Trump ever did? 

Joe Biden said we would respond "in kind" to a chemical weapons attack by Russia, that troops would be deployed in Ukraine, and that Vladimir Putin must be removed from power. Regime change with a nuclear-armed power is not smart. Overtures that increase the temperature of the situation that can only end with nuclear war are not smart. Joe Biden is not smart. 

Based on their rules, the media should have been clamoring for Biden's removal from office because that's what they thought regarding Trump and North Korea's Kim Jong-un. Nothing happened. There was a summit in Vietnam. Joe Biden goes to Europe and hurls war hawk talking points, which were a blend of old school Democratic Party saber-rattling from the Cold War and neoconservatism—all of which led to endless wars and quagmires. 

These little reminders that Tracey throws out infuriate his liberal colleagues because he's right. If Trump had done this, 25th Amendment talk would dominate the airwaves. The other side of this is that if Trump were still president, the economy would be booming, there wouldn't be high gas prices, no inflation, we'd have true job creation, and Putin wouldn't be in Ukraine. Yet, for the sake of argument, you know this game. The "if a Republican had done this" game, which never fails in exposing the double standards of liberal America.

This is what people wanted, and they're paying for it at the grocery store, the gas pump, and abroad with a new war, and our allies doubtful that this guy can do the job. 

The bad news will not end any time soon, either. We still have two more years of this clown. 


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