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It Seems Like Jen Psaki Could Work at Any Liberal Network, So Why Isn't She Leaving Yet?

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

What is Jen Psaki still doing at the Biden White House? Peppermint Patty came down with COVID again after receiving what seems like her 17th booster, so while she’s on the mend maybe she’s mulling her future. It’s around this time that press secretaries look for the exit. This isn’t the West Wing. C.J. Cregg remaining in that role for as long as she did in that show’s universe is beyond absurd. Almost as absurd as a Republican winning California or a Democrat winning South Carolina, but I digress. This is when Psaki, like her predecessors, gets a nice comfy private-sector job with a fat cat salary and millions of dollars’ worth in stock options. This position does burn you out, and you get kicked in the teeth daily. The stress of being one of the mouthpieces for the presidency is immense. With this dementia-riddled clown, that level is probably quadrupled. 


Right now, it seems like Psaki would have a job in media for any of the liberal networks out there. Whatever she wants, she’ll probably get. She can write her own ticket (via Daily Caller):

Four major news outlets holding front row seats in the White House briefing room are reportedly seeking to hire White House press secretary Jen Psaki, sources familiar with the matter told Puck News.

The four outlets — NBC, CBS, CNN and MSNBC — have all expressed interest in hiring the White House press secretary as she reportedly intends to seek a career in cable television, sources told Puck News. She and her agent, Jay Sures, have reportedly had lunches with CNN and MSNBC executives.

The outlets are joined in the first row by Fox News, Reuters and the Associated Press (AP). Reporters have expressed frustration with Psaki for allowing the front row to have major privileges inside the briefing room, the Washington Free Beacon reported.

The press secretary previously responded to rumors circulating that she intends to head to CNN or MSNBC at a Feb. 26 press conference.


Psaki announced her intention to leave her current position in May to spend more time with her two young children.


Right, of course, spend some time with the kids, but this isn’t going to last forever. She’s not retiring. She’ll probably work at one of these networks. What’s keeping her from leaving now which I’m sure is her preferred scenario, is over her string of deputies who cannot do the job. They’re bad. Forget politics—they cannot do this job. That’s becoming quite the theme with the Biden White House. You’re going to leave the press job to…Karine Jean-Pierre. That’s like handing the car keys to a 10-year-old, telling them they must travel cross-country and hope they don’t die along the way. There’s no depth to this White House. You have top-level staffers who have been in Democratic Party politics for eons, but after that, it's rolling C-squad, and it’s painfully obvious. 

If the media rumors are true, we’ll have to endure weeknights with circle back Psaki on whatever trash liberal network, though I’m sure this will generate scores of content for us to sift through. 


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