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Hey, Mr. Teacher, You Know What You Did in Front of Your Classroom Is Totally Illegal, Right?

AP Photo/Jeff Chiu

The education system has been infiltrated by woke perverts, communists, and apparently chronic masturbators. No, I wish was making this up. I’m not. It’s already bad enough that parents have been targeted by the Department of Justice for asking school board members questions. There are werido teachers that are trying to make all the kids trans. They think parents don’t have a say in their Marxist curriculum. In their minds, parents don’t have rights over their kids. This is the type of insane crap that makes me want to nuke the entire education system. We must now deal with substitute teachers who were masturbating in public. Who the hell finds these people? This teacher was recently charged and arrested in New Jersey for this lewd act—and it wasn’t the first time either (via Star-Ledger):


A Nutley substitute teacher is accused of masturbating twice with students present, including once when students videoed him six weeks before he was arrested, charging documents show.

Richard Dunn, 58, was videotaped by a student touching himself in a classroom on Feb. 1, charging documents say. On March 10, several female students reported that they saw him masturbating at his desk during class that day, documents say.

It’s unclear when the Feb. 1 incident was reported to the school or police. A Nutley school spokeswoman declined to answer specific questions but said counseling would be available to those who need it.

Charging documents do not say how many students were in the room during the Feb. 1 incident, or if it was during class.

On March 10, four students told the school that Dunn was acting “weird” during their digital media class, and that they saw Dunn exposing himself and masturbating at his desk while looking at female students, charging documents say.

When Dunn noticed the students looking and pointing towards him, he asked, “Are you guys all right?,” documents say.


No, they’re not all right, dude. They saw you doing…stuff under the desk. First, the whole classroom should be fumigated—totally. Mr. Dunn also has no prior criminal record. Well, he sure stacked up on that front with one fell swoop. What a nasty man. He’s going on the sexual offender database. He’ll never teach again, but the damage was done. Frankly, maybe they should just burn down the whole school and start anew. 

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