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Greg Nash/Pool via AP

It's St. Patrick's Day. The pub crawls are back. Spring Break is also back. Everyone in Florida is heading to the beaches. The college kids are traveling again. The pandemic is over. It's done. I don't care what liberals say about COVID anymore. We don't need an official declaration now. It's done. Mask mandates are gone. COVID passport laws have been nixed. Social distancing is a thing weak-ass liberals do to feel good about themselves. That's it. 

We're now in the endemic phase of COVID. Welcome to the new normal, same as the old normal where you live with risk. Remember those days? As you all are probably tuning into March Madness and drinking pints, where is Dr. Anthony Fauci? Where the hell is this mad scientist who kept liberal America in fear? Did he die? Was he black bagged? I ask this because the man has vanished from the face of the earth. 

He would be all over the place in the long, long ago. Telling people that these outings were dangerous, which would be amplified by President Drool in my Soup peddling nonsense like you'll die if you go to the beach. The liberal media would hurl a COVID panic grenade into the echo chamber and we'd be off to the races. The liberals on social media would do what they do best. Wear 56 masks, along with a moon suit with a reserve oxygen supply, and hope everyone who is just living life dies of COVID, which again has a 99-plus percent survival rate. This isn't the Black Death. It never was—but you'd never know that by just listening to one day of CNN or MSNBC. You'd think COVID was some superbug the likes of which we've never seen, like a combination of Andromeda Strain, Spanish flu, and Ebola. 

The endless stream of contradictory advice also pushed people to the limit. Get the vaccine, take the mask off. Then, Omicron arrived. The vaccine was billed as the silver bullet. It's not. It will protect you from severe illness and death, but you can still get and spread the virus. You know what else follows the same pattern? The flu shot. You can still get the flu even after getting vaccinated for whatever strain the scientists deem will be the dominant one with every passing season. Also, this obsession about the efficacy rate is beyond annoying. When swine flu was sweeping the country in 2009, there was a vaccine. Its efficacy didn't break 60 percent. Yet, there was no panic. I wasn't told to flee campus; I was a junior in college. Then, again, Obama was president. 

Every protocol didn't work. COVID came here. It spread like a brushfire. Tens of millions got infected—and survived. It's led to a massive regression in the educational development of our children, which has been accompanied by a massive uptick in mental health issues and suicides among the youth. Masks are not normal everyday wear. The liberals have now brainwashed these kiddies into thinking not wearing one is akin to leaving your house with no pants or shirt. It's sick. It just shows you that liberal America was willing to keep kids dumb, underdeveloped, and mentally ill to kowtow to the Democrats' authoritarian COVID agenda. It was a power trip. All these measures have been exposed to being grounded in science fiction.

When the next pandemic arrives, and it could be a more lethal virus, no one will listen. Why should they? That will be the fault of the so-called "experts." We had dentists and nutritionists acting as if they were pathologists—they're not. The Fauci fallout will be a generations-long rebuild in the trust of these lab coats who decided to cash in on a little fascism and media fame. 

Ever since the mask mandates in blue states have been nixed, the Fauci man, who helped fund the COVID virus that escaped a lab in Wuhan, is nowhere to be found. I also get that no one cares about COVID if they can't pay the bills, thanks to Biden's ineptitude in dealing with the rising gas prices and inflation. We can't figure our way out of a paper bag in Ukraine—and the economy is about to enter a recession. 

We have three vaccines. We have therapeutics now. Fauci's time is up. He should have been yanked off the stage months ago. He's the male version of Hillary Clinton if she were a scientist. The more he was trotted out, the longer he stayed in the limelight—the more people wanted to set him on fire. 

Where's Fauci? Probably still stroking his ego but in the safety of his bunker. 

Stay there forever. 


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