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Oh, So That's Who Liz Cheney Is Banking on Saving Her in Wyoming

Jim Lo Scalzo/Pool via AP

With less than two minutes remaining—Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) needs a touchdown to win the game. That game is her re-election and her career in public life. The once-solid Republican has become a stooge for Democratic Party ploys. She’s unabashedly anti-Trump when the party has been taken over by his brand of right-leaning populism. She’s proudly on the select committee ‘investigating’ the January 6 riot, which is a now-failed theatrical production that was the basis for the Democrats’ entire 2022 midterm strategy. The war in Ukraine, rising gas prices, inflation soaring, Joe Biden mumbling, rising crime, a border crisis, and the ongoing supply chain issues have ruined that—no one cares about this little riot when they can’t afford groceries or gas. 


Cheney was booted from the House leadership prior to being cast as the Democrats’ favorite Republican. In this deeply red state, Cheney could have coasted to re-election, but everyone is sick of her antics. She now needs to rely on Democrats to survive. Not a shock since she’s already pretty much Democrat Liz. The only issue is that if there are enough crossover votes, Liz the Liberal could survive. It’s the same old story. The two anti-Liz candidates running could split the conservative vote creating a crease for Cheney to slip through all greased up in Democrat oil (via Politico):

In 2007, in this blue bastion of one of the reddest states in the country, liberal activists wheeled a giant statue of Dick Cheney through town to protest his star role in the Iraq War — before toppling it, Saddam Hussein style, for good measure.

Fifteen years later, his daughter Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) is turning to the same rare species in Wyoming — Democrats — to save her House seat. And Trumpist Republicans are doing everything in their power to thwart her.

The turnabout for Cheney — one of the more unlikely twists in Republican politics in recent years, in a party that’s had no shortage of them — will come into sharp relief next week at a gathering at Jackson’s Center for the Arts. Cheney will speak on a bipartisan panel about defending elections, addressing what should be a welcoming audience amid her running battle with former President Donald Trump over the Jan. 6 sacking of the Capitol.

What Cheney doesn’t know — until now — is that a band of Trump-loving Republicans will be on hand to greet her. They snapped up roughly a quarter of the 350 tickets, at $10 apiece, to give the embattled congresswoman a piece of their minds.


…Cheney needs Democrats and independents to change their party registration and cast their vote for her in the Aug. 16 primary. Her campaign is loath to talk strategy publicly, but the math doesn’t lie — and neither do Cheney’s actions on the ground here in recent months.


She has shunned town halls and other voter forums in Wyoming’s overwhelmingly red counties in favor of controlled events. At the March 22 event, which is being hosted by Issue One, a bipartisan organization that advocates for “sweeping reforms to fix our broken political system,” Cheney will answer pre-selected questions.

When Cheney was censured by the state Republican Party in February 2021, three of the eight votes against the move were by officials from Teton County, which encompasses Jackson. The dissenters included Mary Martin, now the county’s GOP chair.

Since then, however, Martin has soured on Cheney. She said the congresswoman is rarely in the state, despite having been urged to explain why she voted to impeach Trump.

“She was absolutely invited to come and present what her facts were, to defend why you are doing this and instead she opted to call the Republicans radicals, which has made people upset within the party,” Martin said from the Jackson mansion of Nancy Donovan, a prominent Republican donor in Wyoming.


It's a lengthy post about how Cheney’s only hope of survival are Democrats. Pathetic for an incumbent from one of the reddest states in the country, but you see why. She’s never home, and she’d rather call her fellow Republicans radical looney tunes because they don’t agree with her

What a whiny little baby. Maybe if Liz didn’t suck so much, this wouldn’t be the most critical two-minute drill of her life. I hope she fails. 


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