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Rachel Maddow's Potential Replacement on MSNBC Is a Very Familiar Face

AP Photo/Steven Senne

MSNBC needs a primetime anchor. They need someone because they lost their top gal in Rachel Maddow. The longtime MSNBC host stepped away to do other things recently. There were reports that Maddow was getting tired of the daily grind of her show last summer. The network then boosted her pay to stay, doling a contract that paid her $30 million a year through 2024. Still, it wasn’t enough to keep her. Maddow was in a situation where she could ask for an obscene raise on the network. She was the face of it during the primetime slot. MSNBC had literally no one else. They could never beat Fox News, but Maddow was the best they could offer. They couldn’t let her go. After all that, she leaves anyway. Who can fill the void? 


Well, it’s someone you know well. She gets out there every day and does her job, albeit poorly. She’s the face of a major institution as well. She gets kicked in the teeth daily so being mocked on an insufferable liberal network will come as second nature. Her name is White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, who is also looking for the exit at the Biden White House (via NY Post):

Psaki, who has plans to leave the White House this year, is being courted by several news networks, including CNN and MSNBC, according to newsletter Puck.

A source told The Post that UTA super agent and co-president Jay Sures shopped the idea of Psaki as a potential cable news primetime host all over town, drumming up interest, before he signed her.

His timing couldn’t be better as TV networks are looking to shake up their lineups. And perhaps more urgently for CNN and MSNBC, both networks are in need of new blood for their primetime shows.

MSNBC lost its star anchor, Maddow, who has stepped away from her 9 p.m. ET show, in order to pursue other projects.

And, CNN is on the hunt for somebody to anchor its 9 pm show, after Chris Cuomo was fired late last year, after sexual misconduct allegations came to light, as well as revelations that he secretly aided the defense of his embattled older brother, former Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Oh, what a parade of horribles. You’d think that Psaki would opt to go into the private sector in the communications game. Being a VP at some major corporation, netting a huge salary and stock options after doing her part in the trenches of the Biden White House, but I guess not. She wants to be on the other side of the news, huh? Well, at any rate, we’ll be at the ready whatever she does. I think she could be a good host. She’ll be nauseatingly liberal and a Biden lapdog obviously, but it won’t be a train wreck. Or maybe it will. 


Let's get through this war in Ukraine first. 


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