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With Biden Rudderless on Ukraine, Fox News Reporter Asks the Question That's on Everyone's Mind

P Photo/Alex Brandon

What the hell is going on? Katie wrote this up earlier today, but Biden’s presser was a disaster. He admitted that the sanction doesn’t scare Russia. We’re deploying another 7,000 troops to Germany. Yet, the one move that could be a gut punch move is booting Russia from the SWIFT banking system which will prevent them from doing international commerce. Why are we holding that card in reserve? Biden says the new sanctions he’s going to roll out are just as devastating. I don’t know about that, but we seem to be stuck in neutral. More troops to Europe and more sanctions. None of this is stopping the war which obviously is the top aim for the United States, NATO, and the rest of Europe. 


We’ve accused the Russian of engaging in kabuki theater on the diplomatic front, which is true, but we’ve been a pile of word salad on Ukraine. This notion about sanctions being a deterrent is laughable, and then we also deliver these overtures that we don’t want to fight Russia or have this situation boil down into unpleasantries. We’re going to slap you with economic pain, or at least that’s the intention, but we don’t want to become enemies. It’s poorly executed, to say the least. Additionally, when Russian troops started rolling into the rest of Ukraine, Biden was AWOL. He only emerged this afternoon to deliver remarks and answer some questions. One thing is clear: we have no idea what we’re doing. India is a major security partner, and we’re not on the same page. Also, it’s clear the Hillary Clinton ‘reset’ was an abject failure, another ghost of the Obama foreign policy has come to haunt us. It also seemed that the core figures of the White House press corps are also not convinced by the response to Russia from Biden. 


Fox News Reporter Peter Doocy triggered liberal America by asking if Biden underestimated Putin. Given some of these answers, it sort of looks like he did. Also, other media members asked pointed questions that seem to touch upon why this administration appears to be dithering on Ukraine. 

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