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AP Photo/Ted S. Warren

Get the shot and take off the mask. It also prevents transmission. That was the original selling point for the COVID vaccine. It’s all a lie. The vaccine does not prevent transmission. Those who got vaccinated can still contract and spread the virus. We also went back to wrapping our faces in masks that don’t work again. Now, we were told to get a booster shot whose effectiveness wanes after four months. Natural immunity is a real thing, yet it’s dismissed as fantasy by the COVID panic porn peddlers and pro-jab advocates. Look, I’m pro-vaccine and I got the shot. I also recovered from COVID, but the experts have done an excellent job in shredding their own talking points. You can see why millions have questions. Those will linger as the CDC is pretty much burying a study about the effectiveness of boosters, especially in the 18-49 demographic. Why? I’ll take an educated guess. Maybe it shows they weren’t really effective at all—and the CDC doesn’t want to eat a big pile of humble pie again (via Daily Mail):


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has withheld vast swaths of the information it holds about the impact of COVID-19, leading to anger from the scientific community and speculation the agency is not releasing the data because it weakens the case for booster shots in certain demographics.

Two weeks ago, the CDC published the first significant data on the effectiveness of boosters in adults younger than 65.

But the agency, led by Dr Rochelle Walensky, did not share the information on those aged 18-49, who are considered to be the least likely to benefit from a booster.


The 18-49 year old age group is considered least likely to benefit from the booster, given that death rates among the age group are already low. It is far more likely for the elderly and immunocompromised to get sick without their booster than healthy young and middle aged people.

Boosters became available for children aged 12 and upwards only last month, and so would not be covered by the dataset.

Well, if the CDC is trying to rebuild trust—they keep stepping on a rake. The 'trust house' here is actually smoldering ruins. They need a full rebuild and burying a study because they don’t like the result is not a banner start. It also fuels conspiracy theories, so the CDC, the experts—they’re all again an all-star team in being their own worst enemy. It’s time to end the COVID protocols—all of them. Cloth masks don’t work, but the CDC still lists them as a viable, albeit low-protection option. Why? It’s about power. It's about politics. It’s about control. Burying data will pour gasoline on that narrative.


COVID isn’t a strong virus. Over 99 percent of those who get it will survive. Omicron is ending. We’re in the endemic phase. Also, no one cares. It’s now become a prolonged exercise in child abuse regarding mask mandates. With Democrats’ approvals in the toilet, the mask mandates and other COVID protocols are being lifted. We all see what’s happening here, folks. Political science is what changed, which thus vindicates those skeptical about this whole circus in the first place. There was a period when both sides could meet because a lot of people did have questions. Instead, Biden either tried to bribe them $100 to get the shot or outright called them anti-vax. Liberal America had a field day making fun of the anti-vaxxers who died of COVID, and then they all got it during the Omicron surge despite following all those precious and fake rules laid out by our most insufferable bureaucrat Dr. Anthony Fauci. It sucks to suck.

Everyone is going to get it eventually. We’re all going to live with it, and we’re not going to wait on liberals, who are the minority, to get with the program. 

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