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AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Again, this shouldn’t have been a hard one to figure out. Then again, this is the Democratic Party. They’re bound to get a face-full of buckshot over their trash agenda. One of the worst ideas is going to war against law enforcement. Seriously? Being pro-crime and anti-cop is not a recipe for electoral success. Even in cities where police protests were fever pitch in the summer of 2020, such initiatives have failed—miserably. Minneapolis tried defunding the police. Uber-liberal white liberals tried to gut the police department and it failed in a recent voter referendum. No one wants to live in crime-ridden hellholes. Democrat-run cities seem to have thought such wastelands were popular with their voters. Someone is hitting the crack pipe on the Left, which explains why they spent millions of dole out such drug kits to voters. 


With violent crime on the rise everywhere, it’s no wonder why Nancy Pelosi came out to say that defunding the police is not a Democratic Party position (via Politico):

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Sunday that the idea of defunding the police, a frequently used slogan during the 2020 elections, is not the direction that the Democratic Party is headed.

“Make no mistake, community safety is our responsibility,” Pelosi said on ABC’s “This Week.” “I quote one of my colleagues from New York, Ritchie Torres, a brand new member of Congress way on the left, saying that ‘defund the police’ is dead. That causes a concern with a few in our caucus. But public safety is our responsibility.”

Host George Stephanopoulos noted that rising crime was a major concern of Americans these days and cited divisions within the party on law enforcement, referring to Missouri Rep. Cori Bush as someone backing the idea of defunding the police.

“That’s not the position of the Democratic Party, with all due respect to Cori Bush,” Pelosi said. “Community safety to protect and defend in every way is our oath of office.”

Who is she kidding? It’s only those who vote Democrat who’ve been crying about this for months. She did mention the Justice in Policing Act which would overhaul qualified immunity for police officers. That should kill any hope of it passing. 


Democrats didn’t just let this policy initiative grow without them knowing it. It’s not some benign tumor that they looked at and shrugged. They backed it. Their people back it. The most hardcore urban-based progressives back it. It’s been an overall disaster. The mayhem you see in the cities couldn’t have come to fruition if it weren’t for the backing of a major political party that dominates these areas. That would be your people, Nancy. If Democrats are to better their chances post-2022, they need to jettison and outright ignore the most privileged and annoying group in their base: white progressives. The folks who take everything to eleven. The folks who see America as Apartheid South Africa when it isn’t. Even nonwhite voters know that it isn’t. I say post-2022 because this year Democrats are truly toast. It might not be all because of the Democrat’s embrace of being anti-cop, soft on crime, and overall enabling criminality, but it surely didn’t help. 

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