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Canadian Civil Liberties Association: Trudeau's Emergencies Act Invocation Is Not Legitimate

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

I saw a friend of mine tweet about Canada’s civil liberties establishment. In short, it’s better than the American Civil Liberties Union we have here. It’s a sad commentary. The ACLU may not have been a perfect organization, but at least they used to defend the concepts of free speech and civil rights. Now, they’re an outright political arm of the Democratic Party. Even some liberals are raising eyebrows at some of their positions especially post-2016. 


Yesterday, Canada’s Justin Trudeau declared war on those with whom he disagrees. He invoked the Emergencies Act. One of the creepy provisions is that the government can seize the bank accounts of those suspected of helping these freedom truckers without a warrant. Oh yes, the military won’t be deployed, but the seizure of assets for supporting a cause Trudy doesn’t like is probably worse. The Canadian Civil Liberties Association was blunt. They’re opposed to the invocation of this act. The burden has not been met, and this is an illegitimate government action:


People just want to get back to normal and earn a living. That’s at the core of this trucker protest. The mandates, the COVID panic—it’s killing everything, and it shouldn’t. COVID has a 99-plus percent survival rate. We have vaccines. We have therapeutics. Omicron cases are falling. And even with the vaccine, you can still get COVID. It’s endemic now. Everyone is bound to get it or be exposed. Welcome to life, fellas. If the vaccine no longer curbs transmission, why the mandates. Why the passport laws? This game is over. The political class just doesn’t know it. 

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